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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

HALLOWEEN | 10 small ways you can still celebrate Halloween

It's Halloween at last! My favourite day of the year; finally. To celebrate, my boyfriend and I have booked an entire two days off work to binge watch Stranger Things (it'll probably only take one day but there's an extra day just in case...) since we forgoed Halloween parties or anything like that.

If you're like me though, you may find yourself leaving Halloween plans to the last minute like I have done in previous years. You want to do something spooky but you don't quite know what exactly, and by the time you decide to do anything remotely related to the holiday, everything is booked up and all the shops are sold out of their decor.

Still, even if you're sat at home on your todd tonight, even if you're working today..there are still some small last minute ways you can still celebrate.

Here's how.

Formidable Joy | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Halloween | 10 small ways you can still celebrate Halloween

READ A SCARY BOOK | Anything by Stephen King gets top pick, or there's plenty of zombie-related books out there too.

CARVE A PUMPKIN | Obvs. The supermarkets might be sold out of the proper big ones, but who's to say a small and cute one can't be scary in it's own way?

EAT ON DECORATED PLATES | Shops will more than likely have a few Halloween party plates left over (and likely on sale today too). Why not have your dinner on some spooky themed plates tonight instead? Bonus points if you also pick up decorated paper cups. We're using pumpkin trick or treat buckets as bowls for crisps tonight...

BINGE WATCH A SCARY SERIES | Stranger Things all the way! There's also Black Mirror, iZombie and Scream.

EAT SOMETHING SPOOKY | Which brings me onto my next point: theme your food! Mini cocktail sausages in pastry can easily be made into mummy-themed snacks and carrots can be made to look like fingers = just add a side of hummus. These are just a few ideas that can be easily done, but I've heard places like Tesco also have some great recipes for creepy slimy cakes.

HALLOWEEN COCKTAILS | You really can't go wrong with cool looking cocktails that are too pretty to drink but then get you tipsy when you do. Most can be made with the alcohol you already have at home as well: just add food colouring.

WATCH A SCARY MOVIE (OR TWO) | This one is obvious. And yes, Netflix has tons of picks to choose from.

STREAM A SPOOKY PLAY LIST | There's tons on spotify, including music by the likes of MJ and Backstreet Boys. Take your pick. Note; this also works very well with Halloween cocktails, even if you are alone ;)

TRY SOME SCARY MAKEUP | Even if you don't have plans to leave the house, you could always practice your makeup skills and will have that sh*t down ready for Halloween 2018. Go all out with a clown or doll face, or just incorporate some dark glitter and gothic lipstick into your everyday look for a seasonal edge. 

GO TRICK OR TREATING | I bet it's been years since you've left the house dressed up to knock on other people's doors. Get into the Halloween spirit by borrowing a small child (preferably one you're related to or know like a niece or a friends kid!) and enjoy an Halloween tradition. Or decorate your front porch/door and buy some sweets to welcome any trick or treaters that might operate in your area, especially if in previous years you've drawn your curtains and pretended to not be home.

And if you don't have any costumes in for any of the ideas above? When in doubt, always use loo roll and make yourself into an Egyptian mummy! Just make sure you use safety pins so it doesn't all unravel minutes after leaving the house like what happened to me when I was younger...

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  1. Halloween cocktails are the best! I actually prefer Halloween more as an adult that I did as a kid x

  2. brilliant ideas, Halloween movies are my favourite way to get in the mood!!

  3. Unfortunately i was in uni and missed all of halloween night but these are such good ideas!

  4. Whenever I have tried to carve a pumpkin it looked awful xx

  5. wish i could still go trick or treating haha

  6. I haven’t really done much for Halloween this year as Darcie is still so young. I took her to soft play with one of her little friends (and his mummy) and we got them both dressed up. Other than that, spooky treats all the way!

    Tasha x

  7. I wish I got to carve a pumpkin this year! So gutted I didn't actually get the chance to


  8. I celebrated Halloween this year making cocktails and it was so fun! Add in a few games of dungeons and dragons and we were very much in the Halloween spirit.


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