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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

CONTRIBUTED POST | Blogging; 8 Tips To Help You Gain Even Greater Web Success Than A Spider

Starting a blog could be one of the greatest things you’ll ever do. It offers a chance to share your experiences, opinions, and passions in a productive manner. If it goes well, there could also be a fantastic opportunity to earn some serious money in the process.

The biggest challenges almost certainly come during the blog’s infancy. However, this simple checklist should enable the platform to become established and successful in no time. Here are the key factors that your blog needs.

A VOICENobody is going to listen to a blogger that has nothing to say. It can be tempting to follow the money, but writing about your passions is vital. Not only will this enable you to find your voice and speak with authority. But it will also make the tasks far more enjoyable.

Visitors will judge your blog from the second that they open the page. This is why it must boast a crisp, clear design with great navigation on desktop and mobile. If reading posts feels like a chore rather than a leisurely activity, they’ll soon take their interest elsewhere. 

Launching a blog doesn’t require vast sums of cash. However, you will need to invest in equipment and marketing. You may need to borrow money while the venture is still growing too. Find out more at Failing because of funds would be nothing short of a disaster.

The success of the business is largely determined by the ability to gain traffic. Viral content and sponsored posts can win new audiences. The best trick, though, is to let people find you. With this in mind, getting your site on the first page of Google results is crucial.

As a commercial venture, the blog doesn’t simply need visitors. It also needs money making resources. Many bloggers start by utilising Google Ads. You can also use services like to sell products. Alternatively, guest posts and sponsored content can earn cash too.

Blogging offers several advantages over traditional print media. Being able to use videos, audio, and images to greater effect is certainly up there. They help keep the blog fresh for the reader and exciting for you. Besides, that content is often easier for readers to digest.

Readers will soon get bored if the blog isn’t updated frequently. You need to treat it as a small business, which is why creating a great workspace is key. Get yourself into the routine of writing and creating content on a schedule. And if you have to take a break, plan ahead.

Unlike many businesses, your competitors aren’t a major threat. Readers can stay loyal to more than one blog. This is why collaborations can work wonders. Most importantly, you want to utilise your audience with viral content and regular interaction. This should bring audience growth.

Get those eight factors right, and your blog will find the road to success in no time.

*Please note this post has been contributed.


  1. such a great post for if your starting out and need some help or direction!

  2. Great post, blogs are hard work but so worth it!

  3. Some really great points, a lot of hard work can pay off

    Tasha x

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