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Sunday, 6 August 2017

GUEST POST | Creating an inspiring blogger workplace

Are you sick of blogging in front of the TV, or even from your bed? Here are some of the best ways to create an inspiring blogger workspace in your home.

As a blogger, you can probably be found hunched over your laptop at the kitchen table most days, or maybe you have to work from a coffee shop as you can’t concentrate sitting on the sofa. If so, then it’s time to set up your own blogger workspace! It’s so important to have a creative and inspiring space you can dedicate to blogging and escape the distractions of home.

Not everyone has the luxury of an office at home, but if you have an occasional guest room think about using it to create an inspiring blogger workspace as a multipurpose room. Pinterest has so many great ideas on creating a home office which doubles up as a guest room (this also gives you the option of a sneaky work-time nap!).

Even if you live in a studio flat, you can be creative with your workspace. Find a corner and some wall space – it’s all about how you zone your room with clear boundaries between work and home.

If you want a long-term solution, look at installing a garden studio. This way you can really separate home life and work life. With so many options available at different budgets it might be more achievable than you imagine – and let’s face it, a garden office is the absolute dream! 

If you’re a blogger, it’s probably fair to say you’re a creative person. Décor is so important when it comes to putting together a space that’s going to encourage your creativity and inspire you. Whatever your budget, you can create a workspace you love. 

Candles, cushions and decorative throws can make it an inviting space that you want to work from. Fill it with motivational wall art, a pin board so you can create mood boards, fresh flowers and little trinkets – all of the things that make you happy! Treat yourself to some fancy stationery so you can be practical and stylish at the same time. Pinterest really is your best friend with ideas for every kind of blogger work area.

The downfall of anyone who works at home – clutter! Invest in good storage solutions that hide your paperwork and keep your desk looking tidy. This doesn’t have to be a boring corporate filing cabinet; think outside the box and look at more attractive storage solutions, go vintage or see what you can find on eBay and upcycle. The space you work in should match your personality and fit well with your home décor.

It’s easy to get carried away with making your workspace look pretty, don’t forget this is somewhere you might be working a full day, so make sure you are going to be comfortable. 

That cute vintage kitchen chair might look great on Instagram, but you can’t sit in it all day. If this is a full time job for you, find a chair that supports you and make sure your workstation is set up correctly. 

Think practically about what you do on a daily basis - do you photograph? Do you need an area for flat lays? Do you need natural light? Do you vlog? Plan your space around your needs, not the other way round. 


  1. I always like to blog in my bed, however it's often tempting to have a nap!

  2. I love this! I always try to blog at my desk if possible but it does get a little boring sometimes. I like to add candles and cute little bits to spruce it up a bit haha xx

  3. clutter is my problem i find storage hard as i want it to look pretty but still be practical

  4. I have a desk where I sit and blog xx

  5. This is so true at the minute living at home i cant have a office type room but surrounding yourself with nice decor helps

  6. This is a wonderful post. I usually just blog from my sofa in my living room but I'd love a blogging space of my own one day!

  7. I can't stand clutter! I need a comfy clutter free work space

    Tasha x

  8. Thank you very much for sharing. These images really looks cool. I will definitely try to build a new workplace for myself.


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