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Friday, 30 June 2017

LIFESTYLE | June Favourites

Well today is the last day of June, and boy has this month gone by quickly. We've had crazy weather where it was far too hot and humid to do anything (why do we complain about the cold but then complain about the heat?!), I've been attacked by god knows how many insects and after today we're officially in the second half of 2017 which means winter is fast approaching..oh dear.

I thought it would be nice to do a roundup post of June - beware, this isn't a beauty post - sharing what I've been loving this month such as music, cute pictures on the internet and such. (Actually, reading back on this post now I realize I haven't included ANY music or cute pictures, but you get my drift...). It may even go on to become a regular feature - who knows.

Still, this is the first, so bare with me if it's a little messy.

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I'm not normally one to follow meal plans because usually they're filled with a bunch of recipes I don't like - or I'm at the point in my life where I can't afford to bulk buy. But this meal plan by Buzzfeed really caught my eye as everything looks so yummy! The guide covers prep information and pricing (if you're in America, anyway) and is totally customizable. I really love how you don't need to purchase a huge boat load of food either - of course it's more than your normal weekly shop but not a ridiculous amount extra. Plus it's for seven days - I can't tell you how many meal plans I've come across that lie when I click on to discover it only covers five days worth of meal prep. 

Although I've yet to really explore the new Activate section on Bloglovin', I am really loving the new profile area in this section which shows lots of stats and analytics such as audience demographics and brand partnerships. It's such a clear interface and so easy to understand in terms of analytics, which I find really hard to get my head around when it comes to Google. I'm not sure how valid these are (is it like blogger analytics that no one ever uses anymore or is it legit?!), nor do I know how it looks to a brand's point of view, but I'm finding it super helpful to see how my blog is doing and such.

I have to admit, up until the last few months, I really slacked on actually reading blogs and was more concerned with just blogging myself. Luckily, I have turned this right around lately by following new blogs, commenting more and generally just taking time to enjoy reading blogs. Therefore, I thought it would be nice to share the love and recommend some posts I've really enjoyed this month. I love this brutally honest post by Colours And Carousels, where she talks about real reasons she unfollows blogs - it's refreshing to see someone admit that sometimes they just grow out of their interests and therefore don't particularly enjoy content they used to. Here, Emma Inks shares a personal post about music (I love personal posts that aren't necessarily for the reader), and I particularly enjoyed Rhian's post about six Trek America tours she'd like to do in future. I'm also itching to get away with Trek America again, so this post is jam packed full of inspiration.

There is news of another I Heart book, I repeat, Lindsey Kelk has written another book for her I Heart series! I'm so excited as this is one of my favourite book series EVER. I Heart Forever focuses around a wedding, a secret (any bets Angelia is preggers?!) and Alex going travelling. I need it NOW. But unfortunately it isn't out until September. 

Out of all my social media, I have to admit, I am slaying on Instagram stories currently. Well, on the days I actually leave the house or have something interesting to do anyway. I love how creative they are and it's so much fun messing around with text and filters to make it look pretty. Boomerang is my favourite effect. Some bloggers who are really killing it with their Instagram stories lately include Cattitude And Co, Coffee With Meg and Shiny Thoughts. Give them a follow - watch their stories and let me know what you think. And if you have any other recommendations, do let me know..!

So there you have it; my June favourites. What have you been loving this month..?

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  1. Aw thanks for the mention lovely! glad you've been enjoying my insta.
    Great blog post. xxxx

  2. I'm loving Instagram stories, they are such a fun way to engage!

  3. I need to start doing Instagram stories xx

  4. ooo i didnt even realise you could now see more stats on bloglovin i'll have to check it out

  5. I have never done an instagram story! Maybe ill get round to doing them eventually xx

  6. I'm obsessed with insta so thanks for the recommendations. I've now got new bloggers to follow

  7. I love insta stories, the first thing I do is watch them all in the mornings!

  8. I love Instagram stories at the moment, I need to get more confident doing them though

    Tasha x


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