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Saturday, 1 April 2017

LIFESTYLE | Hello April

It's April! Time for my grand adventure and also, on a less important note, time for Easter (just joking. Easter is important too but I won't be here for it this year so I'm choosing not to sulk at the lack of chocolate I'll be getting this April...). It also seems to finally be getting sort of warm. I mean the other day I actually ventured outside without a jacket. Can you believe that?

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The Maine are back baby! It feels like it's been forever since they released anything, but finally their sixth studio album will be dropping this month. Lovely, Little, Lonely already sounds amazing and more mature than anything else they've done - their first single from the album, Bad Behavour is super catchy and second single, Black Butterflies and Deja Vu is really growing on me. I can't wait to hear the full thing.
Lovely, Little, Lonely will be released on the 7th.

My boyf is a self-confessed geek and has taught me that Ghost in the Shell is the film to see this month. Not only does it look amazing anyway, but it's actually based on the famous Japanese manga of the same name, which is apparently amazing. It's not exactly a new role for Scarlett Johansson (I do love her, but I feel all badass female roles like this immediately go to her these days), however it does look amazing and like it'll appeal to a wide range of audience.
Ghost in the Shell is out now. 

Right now, I identify as 75% vegan and having a vegan boyfriend helps. This means we spend a lot of time searching out delicious vegan restaurants, so I was elated to find out that Pesky's are launching their first ever vegan brunch club this month. In fact, I'm pretty sure this is the first vegan brunch club to ever exist. I've been wanting to visit Pesky's for a while now, so now I really have no excuse not to. The monthly brunch club will cost £20 per ticket (or £18 if booked in advance), and each ticket entitles you to a large main meal, sides and dessert and two alcoholic drinks. The menu includes a full English or pancakes and fruit salads and pastries = yummy!
Pesky's Vegan Brunch club launches on the 9th.

I've heard a lot about The Handmaid's Tale recently, and when I learned the TV series is actually based on a book, it only led me to feel more anticipated to see the series. The book/series is based around a future Dystopian land which was once known as the United States. Now the world is split due to the world suffering from a major infertility problem. The story is based around Offred, one of the few remaining women who can conceive and who is a Handmaid - aka a woman kept just for reproductive purposes. It sounds like a gripping story and everyone is already talking about it.
The Handmaid's Tale will premiere on the 26th via Hulu.

I've mentioned this a million times already but I'm so effing excited that I don't care = I'm finally heading to Mexico this month - eek!!! It's going to be such an amazing and life changing experience and I still can't quite believe that it's actually happening. I've bought everything I need to for the trip except a swimming costume (I have bikinis though!) and I just need to get my nails done and a wax, otherwise I'm ready. And super, super nervous. I fly out on the 10th so for a couple of weeks, posts will be less regular, although I do have some scheduled. I'm still looking for guest bloggers while I'm away though, so if you're interested (you can write about anything you want!), drop me an email on now.

What are you looking forward to this month? Let me know!

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