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Thursday, 13 April 2017

HOME | The best lights for bloggers with Festive Lights

You know you're an adult (or a blogger!) when you start getting excited about the idea of buying new lights. I still remember when I worked at Next year's ago and I bought a stunning off-gold classy matching light and lampshade and how adult I felt. It was the first ever 'home' item I'd bought myself and now I love buying bits and bobs for my room.

The same can be said for bloggers too, especially vloggers. We all know that light boxes have been a huge trend recently, but it's not the first time bloggers have relied on pretty lights (not equipment lights!) to make a photo look better or to add character to a video - fairy lights have always been pretty popular too.

I've been itching to make an area in my room for blogging for a while now and buying some lights for that area (even if I don't vlog!) is going to be super important. I've already been looking at some examples for a while now and have put together a wishlist of the best lights for bloggers, whether that's to add a subtle classy touch in the background of a video blog or something smaller to use as a prop in photos.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Festive Lights | Home | The best lights for bloggers

This first light just screams blogger with it's rose gold geometric cage - and it's super sophisticated too. It's a good size, so this would be perfect for images with not a lot going on, so if you're looking to create a busy flat lay or photograph small and intimate jewellery, this isn't ideal for that. However, if you want to show off one particular item like a cute pair of shoes or you're showing off some new home ware you've bought - this'll slip into the photo nicely.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Festive Lights | Home | The best lights for bloggers

Above, from left to right, we first have this subtle fairy lights that could work well as the perfect background for anything. Outfit posts, vlogs..or even selfies. Fairy lights on a wall always create a gorgeous blurred but really relaxed (and sometimes even romantic) glow/effect, but again, fairy lights could work well to help showcase a set up dinner table or a well-laid out meal for a recipe post.

Next, these sweet Moroccan fairy lights are a little less subtle but are super stylish. These could be used for anything as well really, as well as just a nice way to add a modern touch to your own bedroom decor. If you shop a lot like me, putting your recently bought items on a hanger one at a time and hanging them on the chest of draws alongside the lights (like the way they are hung above) can be a great way to showcase new bargain buys.

This bold flamingo light may be under the 'children's night lights' category on the website but damn is it too cute to just be for kids. As seen in the photo, it goes great with foodie photographs and is the perfect prop for any blog posts based around parties, recipes or just anything a bit fun.

Finally, this sweet twig tree just looks great as a background prop too. It's too large to really be used to show off smaller items, so again, this is best used for outfit photos or general deco posts, especially as it's so versatile and would go with anything.

All lights above have been taken from the Festive Lights website, which I used to create this post as there's quite a varied range for lights - both indoor and outside.

I've taken a look around the Festive Lights website and trawled through the wide range of varied lights for this post.

The team also created this interesting and visually stunning video all about the history of lighting, which I thought was cool to watch.

Overall, I think I'll definitely be purchasing at least one or two of the lights above, and the first rose gold one has really caught my eye..

What do you think? Do you like using lighting to help give a stylish twist to blog photos or do you think buying lights for blog purposes is a waste of money? Let me know!

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