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Monday, 3 April 2017

HOME | 5 offbeat ways to personalize a wall

Being that I still live at home, I don't have much choice when it comes to decorating - except for in my bedroom. My bedroom is my safe haven; I can do whatever I want with it and although to some people it might look cluttered, to me its a reflection of my personality.

One of the ways I do this is by personalizing my walls with photographs, memorabilia and more. No matter what room it is - a bedroom, a living room - a few additions to an otherwise plain wall can make a lot of difference. It's very easy to add a new twist to a room or display your memories by personalizing a wall - and here are some ideas how. 

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Wall murals can be super stylish when used correctly. I don't really like typical paintings of things like flowers or whatever, so having one-stand out bold wall is a really great way to show off your taste. Although more subtle ones are available, one's that stand out can really send a message - just make sure all other walls are plain/toned down. I really love the wallpaper from Pixersize, especially the skull one above!

Rather than storing all your gig stubs, cinema tickets etc away, display it proud! I used to have lots of things like that and my mum created two collages of them which looked great as they were all put together. Though inside the frame itself was messy, because it was all contained into one (well two) frames, they looked neat when hung up on the walls. Of course you could always go for a really oddball look, putting them in colourful frames in random shapes and sizes and creating some frames with washi tape.

If you're really into photos, a full polaroid wall is a really cool way to show that off. It looks amazing and is always a talking point - and of course it's great to see all your memories displayed. Plus, it takes a lot more polaroids then you'd think to fill a whole wall. So even if you have tons of photos and think you have too much, you probably won't. You can print off your own (there are apps that create photos into polaroids for you), or use one of those websites that print your instagram photos out for you.

Above my bed, I have some short but inspiring poetry by John O'Callaghan of The Maine. His book, Exaltation, features his work on square pieces of card, which are the perfect way to display on a wall with five in a row. For me, it's nice to see such inspiring words on display and there are tons of ways to do the same with your favourite songs, lyrics or phrases. Although you can easily pick up cute phrases in cute designs anywhere, it's a lot more personal to use something close to your heart. You can easily design them online and print them out on card, placing them in cheap frames from somewhere like TK Maxx - or using washi tape - or get something designed online via Not On The High Street or Etsy.

It may look a little Tumblr-esque, but mandala or aztec-like tapestries are an easy (and cheap!) way to theme a room or change the feel of it. They can provide a burst of character to an otherwise simple and basic room, or you can work around them with fairy lights and tons of patterned cushions.

Do you have any tips on how to personalize or update a plain wall? Let me know!

*Please note this post has been created in collaboration with Pixersize, but all views and opinions are entirely my own.

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