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Monday, 6 March 2017

LIFESTYLE | Living at home at 27

I always imagined that by the time I was 30, I would be settled. I'd be married, with kids and my own home, and I'd have all the travelling I wanted to do under my belt.

Turns out, it's not that easy. As I grew up, I realized the idea of marriage and kids didn't appeal to me so much and that getting on the property ladder is near impossible.

Now, with just three years to go until I'm 30, I'm still convinced that's not going to happen - unless things change drastically.

Yesterday, one of my latest blogs for Metro went live - "I'm 27 years old and I still live at home - Am I ever going to have a life?", which caused a wide variety of comments and response.

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Some people (mostly the elder generation) generally wrote comments along the lines of it not being that hard to save or afford my own properly and that I'm lazy.

Others (mostly young people) praised that it simply isn't that easy - no matter what you're situation is, it's near impossible for our generation to afford a home and that living at home to try and save money is actually a smart move.

The general gist of the article wasn't particularly about getting my own place, but more so, how stuck I feel being at home and being unable to move out and how I feel I don't have a life. I'm trying to save for my own place, but trying to juggle a social life at the same time makes it near impossible. Of course I can stop going out completely and put all my money into savings - but then that would drive me mad. On the other hand, trying to have some sort of life and going out when I can clearly isn't helping me move forward.

But it did get me thinking. Where exactly do we draw the line between being proactive and being lazy? I work part time and have two or so freelance jobs on the go. I socialize when I can but I've cut down massively to how often I used to go out. I spend any other spare time at home doing one or two things; writing and sharing content online/looking for a job/using my time wisely to gain new opportunities to get my writing out there, or watching TV/Netflix/Youtube in my down time.

This is as balanced as I can get things right now. I'm allowed friends round, but wouldn't exactly be comfortable having a group of friends round for a movie marathon every weekend to save money instead of going out (and likewise, wouldn't want to kick my dad out of the front room anyway). I can date and I'm allowed to bring people back, but out of respect for my dad, I tend to only bring someone back if it's serious and they have met him.

I try to save. I really do. But sometimes I need to put my money towards things to stop me going insane. Things like a music festival, so I can get out of these four walls and let my hair down. Things like travelling and experiencing new things.

I hardly spend all my money going out and getting drunk each weekend.

And yet my money still does not go far. I run a car. I contribute to the household when I can. I buy my own food when I try to eat healthy.

But what other option do I have? Stay at home and never go out, putting every single penny towards saving? I would go mad. Living at home with little to no space means I need experiences and need to get out of the house sometimes - if these were taken away from me, they would seriously affect my mental well being (and have done in the past).

So I know what I need to do. I need to find a full time job and save what I can from that, before eventually enlisting the help of a government scheme. I need to find a balance that doesn't make me lazy and that keeps me proactive (according to some comments anyway), whilst also keeping myself sane.

Only one of those things am I confident about whereas the other I thought I was nailing anyway. Obviously not.

I would love to hear your thoughts - what do you think? Do you think it's possible to live comfortably at home whilst saving for your own place? Or is it a matter of buckling down, going off the radar for a few years and spending all your time saving for something more beneficial in the long run? Let me know!

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