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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

LIFESTYLE | Interview with Hard Rock Ambassador Natalie Juliet

Following my recent visits to Hard Rock Cafe London for their fashion show and their chilli menu, I mentioned how intrigued I was about the idea that they chose to include ambassadors of the brand in their fashion show, as opposed to random models.

The programme itself was created to coincide with London Fashion Week and gives up and coming models the chance to work with a big brand. As well as taking part in fashion shows, ambassadors also get invited to exclusive tasting events and in house VIP events representing the brand - how excited!

I've always liked Hard Rock Cafe as a brand but to be honest, this innovative idea really made me like and respect the brand even more.

Therefore, I thought it would be nice to get a little interview with one of the ambassadors, Natalie Juliet.

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First of all, can you tell me a bit about yourself Natalie?
I am 25 years old - I work full time as a model, presenter and actress. I present a radio show every weekday for 2 hours, and I act and model at every opportunity! Two days per week I attend Identity School of Acting in London: I love to read plays and learn about techniques for stage and screen acting. At the weekends I do children's birthday party entertainment - often dressed up as Elsa from Frozen - or a superhero! When I am not working I am playing with my two dogs who are the most beautiful things in the world or planning my next 'take over the world' venture! I LOVE music and always have something playing, I am a 'genre hopper' and literally can listen to anything from Elton John to Stormzy! I absolutely love live music, and there is nowhere I would rather be than at a gig!  I love the way music can bring people together and lift my mood to make me feel empowered and motivated - I believe, from personal experience, that music has healing powers!

How did you get involved with being a Hard Rock Ambassador?
First stage was online: I applied through Starnow - a website where actors/models etc can create profiles and apply for jobs posted on there.

Second stage was a face to face meeting: this is where I really had the chance to shine - you can’t compare a paper application with a face to face meeting! Some people get hired based on their photographs alone, but I can’t see how you can really know a person and their personality just on paper!

The best thing about the audition was when they asked me to walk up and down the room as myself: I have been to a lot of auditions where they say things like "Give me more attitude", "Can you be a bit more sassy/serious?", "Walk faster/walk slower", "Do this differently - do that differently"- but HRC was just "Show us how you put your own personality into your walk" - and me being me was enough!

What exactly does the role involve?
As an ambassador I am responsible for upholding the Hard Rock Cafe's reputation at all times - through social media and in person when I am out and about! I want people to look at me when I am in the restaurants, at the events and wearing the clothes and know that I am an extension of the brand. I try at all times to represent what they stand for and act in a manner that would make anyone proud to have me in their logo!

Did you have any modelling experience prior to this role?
I have been modelling freelance for around a year and a half - and I am at the point now where I have a strong portfolio and experience behind me in both stills and video and I am looking for an agency! Wish me luck!

What's your favourite thing about being a Hard Rock Ambassador?
I love being a part of the HRC family! I love everyone I have met along this journey and I am over the moon about being an ambassador! I take the role very seriously - it is more than just trying to sell clothes, it’s being a part of a brand. I am a puzzle piece in the wider picture that is HRC. A global brand that has chosen me to represent them in my day-to-day life – it’s an honour!

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Fashion | Hard Rock Fashion Show | Hard Rock | Hard Rock Cafe | London Fashion Week | LFW | Hard Rock Ambassador | Natalie Juliet Deadman

What is it you love so much about Hard Rock and what made you want to become an ambassador for them?
I love what the brand stands for and how they are promoting individuality and bringing people together through the love of music and food! 

What are your thoughts on the fact that the brand is choosing to use ambassadors rather than models?
HRC is a brand that is all about personality - musicians put their personality into their songs and ambassadors put their personality into their modelling! A pretty face and a nice body can sell clothes - but a personality sells REAL life and REAL people - different people all wearing the same clothes, showing that the most beautiful thing about fashion is to be yourself wearing it! I am a person that goes to HRC to enjoy a burger bigger than my face, and I’ll be dancing to the music until my make up has all come off! This real life is what HRC is about. It’s about loving who you are and enjoying yourself - not taking life too seriously and being free. That's what keeps HRC a brand for everyone to relate to - all around the world, all shapes and sizes, all races, everyone. 

What are your favourite pieces from the spring/winter line?
I love the new T-shirts for spring - as soon as the English weather permits I am going to be living in my HRC Tees! Until then, it’s going to have to be the hoodie and crop jumper to keep me warm! My favourite thing about the HRC designs is that you can pretty much pair them with anything - so the T-shirt can be with a cardigan, jeans and winter boots - or a skirt and sandals! The HRC designs make me feel like myself and that was one of the main reasons I could be so confident on the runway wearing them! And I feel that same confidence when I put them on day-to-day.

What's next for you as an ambassador?
We have another fashion event in September which is very exciting! I can’t wait to see the new clothing lines - I know they are going to ROCK!! Until then it’s just about being active on social media and in person when wearing the clothes and going to the restaurants. I am an extension of the brand now and so when I am being seen I need to wear the logo loud and proud!

Do you have any advice for anyone hoping to become a Hard Rock Ambassador in future?
Always be yourself - don't let the modelling industry change you, if a job is right for you then you shouldn't have to be anything but yourself to get it! Be confident that who and what you are is more than enough - and own it! The world is your runway - so strut!!

Natalie has such a lovely confident and friendly personality that I think she's perfect for the brand - so thank you for the interview Natalie! You can find her on twitter here or on instagram here.

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