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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

LIFESTYLE | Hello February

Doesn't Christmas seem like a lifetime ago now?!

I'm really not sure of my thoughts this month - on one hand, I'm so surprised that it has come around so quickly, and it means I'm getting closer and closer to my little Mexican adventure in April. On the other hand, it's Valentine's day soon (cue massive groan of distress). 

Although I'll likely be working on the day, I am dreading all the boasting on social media! 

Still, here's what I am looking forward to this month.

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50 Shades Darker is finally being released this month. I know I'm jumping on the bandwagon here and this movie isn't exactly different or something you don't already all know about anyway but honestly I don't care. I've read the books and watched the first movie, so I really am curious to see how the second one turns out. I'm in two minds about it but the trailer does look hot and I'm eager to see how the movie tackles the issues in the book; such as Christian's past and the couple exploring their relationship further without any set rules.
50 Shades Darker will be released on the 10th February. 

I'm really excited for Santa Clarita Diet, the newest Netflix release this month. Starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, the horror/comedy tells the story of an estate agent named Sheila (Drew Barrymore) who turns into a flesh eating zombie. Her family must accept what happens and help her transformation, all whilst trying to lead normal lives. I love that it stars Drew Barrymore too, who isn't afraid to take on more gritty or quirky/offbeat roles - I think she'll bring a lot to this show.
Santa Clarita Diet will be available on Netflix on the 3rd.

I can't believe I didn't know this until now, but the long-awaited sequel to Isaac Marion's Warm Bodies will finally be released this month. If you've seen the film or read the book, you'll know the general premise of the story (zombie falls in love with a human - although I will say, the storylines are the same but the book and the movie are so, so different in terms of theme. The movie is lighthearted, the book is not - though it is amazing). The Burning World is based around what happens after 'happy ever after' and how an enemy is going to want order restored. I can't wait!
The Burning World will be released on 7th February.

The amazeballs BallieBallerson (see what I did there?!) will be re-opening again with it's brand new concept: GlowyMcGlow. The new theme will see the previously brightly multicoloured balls give way to 250k clear balls set upon an LED dancefloor. The ball pit will be surrounded by mirrors for some multi-sensory glowing fun and LED's pumping in time to the music. Upstairs, the bar will now have glow in the dark murals which are charged with UV light blasts every hour, sending the adult play-pen venue into a five minute rave. Plus, there's also new helium, fire and ice cocktails themed around different planets.
GlowyMcGlow launches at BallieBallerson on Friday 10th February.

The renowned Secret Cinema returns this month with Moulin Rouge and I couldn't be more excited. As usual, not much can be revealed, but if you've ever seen the movie then you'll know how much fun it will be to enter the world of Moulin Rouge. Grab your tickets now and transport back to Montmartre, 1988 to join the #SocietyOfLove.
Secret Cinema's Moulin Rouge launches on the 14th February until the end of March.

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  1. I don't have too many that boost during valentine's day, more singles that moan which irritates me and i am single by the way lol. Love the sound of Santa Clarita diet - I love Drew Barrymore x

    1. Yes that's true! Sometimes it's best to just switch off and spend the day watching some good TV :) x

  2. My folks saw and reviewed 28 Days Later at Secret Cinema last year and are trying to raise the cash for Moulin Rouge! GlowyMcGlow sounds fun!

    1. Oh I hope they enjoyed it! Luckily Moulin Rouge is a tad cheaper if you go on a weeknight but it's still pricey overall! x

  3. We don't bother with Valentines Day really. We usually send each other a card, but I get the feeling I won't even get one of those this year as we're like passing ships in the night at the mo LOL. I'm not bothered though. I like seeing what other people have had on Facebook, but sometimes it gets a bit crazy and I think 'Didn't we *just* have Christmas?!'

    Have a fab February :)

    Louise x

    1. Yeah I see what you mean, sometimes it's nicer to just give something with personal meaning behind it rather than splurging and being super skint for ages afterwards! x


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