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Friday, 6 January 2017

VEGANUARY 2017 | Week One

It's that time of year again - my second go of Veganuary! I enjoyed the challenge so much last year that I knew right away I was going to do it again this year.

Here's how I've got on so far.

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On the first day, I was well prepared unlike last year! I'd done an online shop a few days prior so I was all set and this made all the difference. I didn't make a meal plan as such, but I had an idea of what meals I would have during my first week (just not what day for each). So for breakfast I had a Blue Magic smoothie, which was with blueberries, almond butter and almond milk. I didn't have almond butter so I skipped this out and I found the smoothie didn't have much flavour, so this one needs practice with different ingredients. it did fill me up however. For a late lunch/early dinner, I had tomato mezze, which is basically a kind of smoked tomato sauce with rocket salad, a roll/bread and hummus sprinkled with smoked paprika. Snacks throughout the day included some tortilla chips, a banana and a Nakd bar.

Today I made vegan pancakes! I don't think I've ever made pancakes (well I've helped flip them before but that's it) let alone vegan ones! I was really happy with these - the first couple came out as a soggy mess, but the third was fine and when I stacked them all together, they looked okay and all tasted fine. For dinner, I had stuffed courgettes with bite sized roast potatoes and rocket salad, and for snacks, again I had tortilla chips and a Nakd bar.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Veganuary | Veganuary 2017 | Vegan | Veganuary Challenge

On Tuesday, I had quite a busy day, running around and doing errands so I had simple avocado on toast for breakfast, and a hugely filling old favourite for dinner - stir fry with spring rolls.

I tried my hand at another smoothie today, named Green Day (which was kale, pineapple, yogurt and water), which was nicer than the last one, but still a little bland until I added a banana to give it more flavour. Dinner was mushrooms on toast (simple yet so filling!) and a packet of chipsticks, since I recently discovered they're vegan!

Thursday I had quite a busy day, so lunch was a simple cheese and onion sandwich with a packet of chipsticks, and for dinner I had stuffed mushrooms, although I picked up the wrong breadcrumbs and forgot to pick up onions. They still tasted good, just not as good!

On Friday I tried to a tomato, mushroom and bean pan fry recipe from Tesco (which was basically like kale, tomatoes and mushrooms on top of toasted bread) and it did not go well. I burned half of it, the recipe said to use a little bit of mustard, which I did, but then the whole thing tasted overly of was just a disaster, so I only had about four bites before giving up. For dinner, I had vegetable grills from Tesco (these were lovely and probably the first thing throughout the week that I hadn't made from scratch) with bite sized roast potatoes and some mixed vegetables. I had avocado on toast for supper.

For the last day of my first week, I pretty much used up what was left from throughout the week. I had some of the filling from my stuffed courgettes left over, so I had this in a jacket potato with a vegetable grill from yesterday, and then, for supper, some avocado on toast.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Veganuary | Veganuary 2017 | Vegan | Veganuary Challenge

For my first week, what I've mostly struggled with is not using products up in time. I feel like I'm adulting properly when I arrange two or three recipes around one product, getting the most use out of it, but when a variety of ingredients go out of date at different times, it hurts my head. 

Next week I'll probably sit down and go through the dates and work out what needs to be eaten first. However, this could also be because I ordered things from Tesco a couple of days in advance, meaning by the time the 1st hit, not everything was as fresh. I won't have this problem when I shop in person next week (I only really do my first big shop online) - but I'll still remember to note what needs to be used first.

Also: smoothies. Super yummy, but I'm super bad at knowing what fruit goes with what. Some I have made that tasted bland so I had to add something else in, but I guess with most cooking this is just trail and error. I mentioned in the past how I was never good at just throwing stuff together when cooking but since doing Veganuary last year and becoming a bit more confident in the kitchen I am starting to find this easier.

So hopefully with practise I'll be more confident experimenting with different smoothie flavours too. I have, however, tried a few new recipes which I'll be having again, especially the stuffed courgettes and the pancakes. Today, during my shop for next week, I bought some pre-made vegan food, because although it's fun to make new things, I think I need to remember I don't need to try something new and experimental every single night of the week to be a vegan - sometimes it's just fine to have substitute sausages or something.

Roll on next week!

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  1. You have done much better than I think I would on my first week! Everything looks so tasty and filling. I look forward to seeing what week 2 brings! x


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