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Saturday, 14 January 2017

FITNESS | Pound Fitness

Just before Christmas, I blogged about my New Year's Eve resolutions, and one of them was to take up Pound Fitness classes.

Pound Fit is a unique fitness class - it combines cardio with simulated drumming - so it's definitely a little bit different! It's inspired by the sweat dripping and infectious fun of drumming - which I think is an absolutely amazing way to sum it up.

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I booked myself into a class last week but before I even booked it I was surprised they ran classes over here in the UK. It's quite popular in the US, so I was really happy that I could attend an actual class over here.

The class that I went to is about a twenty minute drive away from me, only I went to the wrong school so ended up around 15 minutes late for my first class - oops! It's also typical of me.

This meant I missed the warm up and I was recommended to take it easy to begin with, which I had to do anyway as one of the first moves/songs was a sitting one, with our legs outstretched in front of us but raised off the ground.

Of course I couldn't keep my legs raised off the ground the whole time but it was fun *cough* challenging *cough* trying. 

Although there obviously were no drum sets, the idea is that you partake in an aerobic/cardio work out, whilst simultaneously doing drumming motions. So you're given a pair of bright and bold lightly weighted plastic drum sticks, and you drum the ground as you go along or occasionally make other drumming moves (tapping the sticks together etc) in the air, whilst in time to the beat.

It's fun because it really is an all over workout - you're constantly using your arms, and you also improve your rhythm, timing, coordination, speed, agility, endurance and musicality - which is great for me, as you all know I want to take up actual drum lessons too!


You can burn up to 900 calories per session and you really do feel like a total rockstar in the process.

Oh, and did I mention the music you listen to is awesome, too? I got to work out whilst listening to Paramore and Fall Out Boy = that's always a win in my eyes!

I also found it as a great way to get rid of stress - there's the opportunity to really drum hard and let out all that anger if you wish to, which, of course, then benefits you because you're working out harder.

Overall, I found the class super fun but a little bit challenging too which is great. It wasn't too daunting, but enough to make me want to push myself and I definitely felt the ache in my shoulders, stomach and thighs the following day.

I think the best part of the class though is that it's just so 'me'. It's different, it's edgy and it's the chance to rock out - and I'm already an addict!

If there's not a class near you, there is an awesome Rockout Results System kit you can buy - although it is pricey, working out at around £73 pounds - or a DVD, which also includes the Ripstix used in the workout sessions. and there's also some awesome accessories and clothing in the merchandise store. 

Would you try a Pound Fitness class? Let me know!

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  1. That sounds so cool! I've been doing some fitness just at home and I have been considering classes!


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