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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

LIFESTYLE | MK Blogger Network Christmas Party

On Sunday, I headed into Milton Keynes to attend my first ever event with the Milton Keynes Blogger Network - their Christmas party!

I'd heard good things about their previous get together's but have never been able to make them, so I was really excited to finally meet everyone. This was also my only Christmas party of 2016, since I now work from home so it's not like I get a work Christmas party to attend.

I was attending alone, so I was a little nervous, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about because everyone was super lovely. The event was held at Revolucion de Cuba, which I've wanted to visit for a while now.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Milton Keynes Blogger Network Christmas Party | Revolucion de Cuba | Milton Keynes | Milton Keynes Bloggers

Unfortunately I was driving, but their mocktails were just as delicious and impressive too. They were so pretty and I loved looking through the cocktail menu, deciding what I'd have next time I swung by (because I'll definitely be returning and I definitely won't be driving then!). 

The evening consisted of yummy cocktails and a delicious buffet of food. I didn't know what I was eating half the time, only that it was super tasty and that I now really like Cuban food.

What I loved about the evening was that there was really only a handful of us - 13 or so, in the end. It was just the perfect size to avoid being overwhelmed and although I only got to really get to know those I was sitting with, I still managed to say hello to everyone and have a quick natter with most people.

It really is surprising to discover just how many local bloggers there are around you! I was quite surprised to discover that Shaunii lives near enough around the corner from me - and that we actually have mutual friends.

It's one of those things where, until you attend an event, you really do think you're the only blogger in your area. And then when you meet all these lovely ladies, you realize you're not alone and there's a whole community of people who really understand what you do and why you do it, which is quite comforting really as my friends and family definitely don't really understand what blogging is, or the appeal of it.

We had a lovely night overall and I'm so thankful to Sophie for putting on such a lovely and welcoming event. I was also thoroughly impressed at the goody bags we got - I think it was even better then some goody bags I've received from 'professional' or 'brand' events so to speak, so to receive so much from what is essentially a blogger meet up arranged by a blogger is really impressive!

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Where do I even begin?! I really, really love this gorgeous hat from Mitchell & Ness, especially as I don't actually have a winter hat this year and have kept an eye out for one! I love that the company specializes in nostalgic sportswear, and you know how I love anything American, so I'll no doubt be shopping from here in future and will be getting a lot of use out of this hat (which is really comfy and warm, by the way!).

I also received a lovely (and generous sized!) hand cream from Lush, Milton Keynes, which you really can't go wrong with. This is actually another thing I've been after this winter as I don't really have any hand cream or anything to keep my hands super soft during these cold months, so this Handy Gurungu hand cream is perfect for me and I've already seen a lot of use out of it already.

There were also some really generous vouchers in the goody bag, too, such as discount at Rush Milton Keynes (perfect, as I'll be itching for a new hairstyle in the new year), Bo Concept (who again, have me eyeing up some gorgeous homeware for when I get my own place), and even an open day special flotation session at Flotation Life, which will be really beneficial in the new year!

I'd also like to thank Propercorn, Maaya Indian Kitchen & Bar, MK Biergarten (unfortunately my nan has already decided she will be using this beer in a recipe, so I'm unable to try it myself *sad face*, Stu's Oven, Urban Grilla, Fitness Milton KeynesMr & Mrs Fitz Fab Food, and of course Revolucion de Cuba for further goodies and vouchers.

It's so nice to receive vouchers and such for places so local for once!

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Milton Keynes Blogger Network Christmas Party | Revolucion de Cuba | Milton Keynes | Milton Keynes Bloggers

I really have been absolutely spoilt with my goody bag (and an amazing evening) and I can't wait to meet up with some of the other MK bloggers I met to use the vouchers together.

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