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Thursday, 1 December 2016

LIFESTYLE | Hello December

It's that time of year already - and boy can I feel it. We've had a few real frosty mornings already, and a full blown rotten cold seems to have hit me out of nowhere, causing me to spend my evenings curled up in bed with nothing but a good book or DVD.

There's a few things I'm looking forward to this month, but for the sake of not posting about Christmas-related things like every other blogger right now - and also, because we don't really celebrate Christmas in our household anymore (at least not in a traditional way!) - here's what else I'm looking forward to this December.

Also, can you believe I've managed to do a 'Hello [post]' every single month this year for the first time ever?! Go me!

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Saving Sophie by Sam Carrington will be released on the 15th and is dubbed to be a psychological thriller for fans of The Girl on the Train and I Let You Go. The book tells the story of a mother named Karen who has her own anxiety issues to deal with, and her seventeen year old daughter who returns home after a night out - drunk and accompanied by police officers. Her best friend is found murdered the next day. Although this book focuses on Karen and her fears for her daughter, I think a lot of people will be able to resonate with this story. So many times I've got myself on a state on a night out and/or put myself in really stupid situations, without bothering to think about the consequences or what my parents would have said. I've grown up a lot now - and luckily have never had a night that has resulted in a friend being murdered - but I think this book will really hit home, especially with the idea that it's so easy for something very, very bad happen when you've let your guard down to have fun.

Suicide Squad is finally out on DVD on the 13th! I can't believe I haven't seen it yet! I know it got mixed reviews, but I've been itching to see this film for so long now because a) it's so edgy so right up my street, b) the cast is just awesome and c) well, Twenty One Pilots did the lead single for the film which means it must be good. I mean did you see the music video for Heathens?!

As always, my sister will be taking me for a surprise in London this month for my birthday, so I'm super excited to see what that will entail. However, some other cool events I know that are going on in the capital are: a singles night at BallieBalerson (that ace new ball pit bar that everyone is going on about currently!) - can you even imagine meeting your future husband there and telling your grandkids you met and fell in love in a ball pit?! This is tonight, but if that's too late for you, it's worth popping down to the bar for a normal event anyway! There's also Morning Gloryville events around London throughout the month, and these events consist of early morning feel good pop up dance parties, boasting music, yoga, smoothies, coffees and free hugs - as well as exclusive DJ's (which in the past have included Rudimental and Fatboy Slim!). During a month normally filled with cold days and gorging on seasonal food and alcohol, a fun but healthy event wouldn't go amiss.


December is always a quiet one for new releases, so instead this month I'm going to pick my song of the month, especially as I'm not doing a playlist anytime soon. Of course I've been listening to tons of twenty one pilots lately, as well as Lower Than Atlantis and You Me At Six, but one song I'm really digging at the moment is Howl by Biffy Clyro. It wasn't released this month and it's not even that recent anymore but it's timeless I think. Also a special shout out to The Maine's Ho Ho Hopefully, a Christmas song that includes the lyrics 'December 1st', therefore making it a personal tradition for me (and other fans) to listen to the song every 1st December. Often on repeat.


I can't believe soon it'll be a whole year since the re-launch of this blog. A whole year since buying my own domain, putting so much more time and effort into the blog, doing these 'Hello [month]' posts once a month, updating every other day (bar once or twice) and just generally loving the blog just that bit more. Although there's still a long way to go, I'm super proud of how far it has come in just twelve months so thanks for sticking by with it all!

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  1. Well done for keeping up with your hello posts.. I always mean to just never do! December is one of my favourite months :) ox


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