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Friday, 16 December 2016

CHRISTMAS | My favourite wrapping sets

One of my favourite parts about Christmas is definitely wrapping - well, shopping for Christmas wrapping anyway.

It's the actual wrapping part that really stresses me out. I lose the sellotape, I end up with a sore neck and the end result never looks as good as I'd hoped.

But the fun part is definitely shopping for Christmas wrapping as I love the presentation of presents - whether it's bold, bright and out there or more refined and traditional.

Here are some of my favourite wrapping sets from this year.

Formidale Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | My favourite Christmas Wrapping Sets | Next | House of Fraser | Rifle Paper Co | Paperchase | Not On The High Street | Christmas | Christmas Wrapping
Next is always my first choice for Christmas wrapping because although their designs are limited to only three or four themes a year, I love that you get everything in one. It's a complete lifesaver for me and when we do do presents in my family, normally one set covers me for the presents I buy. It always looks so lovely matching under the tree, and I really love this cute but classic set.

This classy design from House of Fraser is really modern but ever so beautiful too. With this wrapping paper, the pattern is quite eye-opening, so I probably wouldn't over complicate it with bows or ribbon and would probably just add some plain gift tags to keep the whole look simple.

I absolutely love these Be Merry tags from Rifle Paper Co. They're so cute and offbeat. I reckon they would look great with just brown wrapping paper and some red or white string. I always love the stationery from Rifle Paper Co, but have never thought about shopping there for Christmas wrap before, but after spotting these, I likely will next year.

After Next, Paperchase is always my next stop for wrapping paper because you can always find something a bit different in there. I love this Animal Antler paper, which is a bold take on the popular stag trend at the moment. I love the different coloured antlers which are attached to animals such a polar bears, donkeys, stags, penguins, bears and sheep!

Finally, I've absolutely fallen in love with this Peacock and Snowflake wrapping paper from Not On The High Street. In fact it's so beautiful and exotic that I'd probably use this for birthday gift wrapping too - although I do like that it includes small Christmas trees for a little traditional nod. I think it's the beautiful colours that get me the most though.

From the bold and colourful to the more traditional, these are just five wrapping sets/Christmas wrapping I'm really loving this year, although I don't think I could pick an ultimate favourite. What set do you like? Let me know!

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  1. I'm in love with the house of raiser wrapping paper and the not on the high street peacock wrapping paper!!! Beautiful choices!! I'm wrapping really simplistic this year with brown parcel paper but jazzing them up withs rigs of mistletoe and tree cuttings!

  2. Oh wrapping presents for me is the worst part of Christmas. haha sorry. I just find it so boring. I just get my husband to do it.
    However I do like looking a wrapping paper. I love the look of one. xx

  3. What some gorgeous sets, I have to admit I used to love wrapping and be quite good at it but I don't know what happened lol

  4. They are gorgeous, I am not very good at wrapping presents but I love the look of number five!

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