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Monday, 17 October 2016

MOVIE REVIEW | How To Be Single

It was actually a bit of a challenge for me to watch this movie.

I didn't see it when it was first in the cinema, so I put it on my Love Film rental list as soon as I could pre-order it. I'd planned to watch it with my sister, so put it aside until I was seeing her next, but then we quickly realized her TV actually doesn't include a DVD player as previously thought.

Then, when I finally got ready to watch it, I ended up burning my first lot of popcorn and stinking the house out, and accidentally making myself a cold water bottle as I forgot to boil the kettle before pouring the water in. Do'h.

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When I did eventually watch it, I was quite surprised. I expected it to be a standard funny romcom with a few laugh-out-loud moments and a happy ending, but what I instead got was a film that was actually quite empowering to women and, at parts, incredibly witty.

The characters are entirely down to earth and loveable, showcasing both independency at being single and weaker moments when, Alice (played by Dakota Johnson) for example, misses her ex boyfriend. It's refreshing to see both sides of the bat - I'm so used to seeing overly neurotic female characters who can't depend on anything but a guy or female characters who are so independent that they almost seem like robots with no feelings. 

This film showcased the right amount of both, and made main character Alice seem incredibly, well, human.

There were some corny parts in the film, but there were also plenty of funny moments and witty one-liners that really made me laugh out loud, too. 

Although the film was mostly based around Alice, there were a few side storylines which worked really well. The character of Lucy did annoy me a bit, but even towards the end, her story was quite interesting to watch. 

Her storyline is based around the fact that she's using a bar's free Wifi to browse lots of dating websites to find the one (very modern), and ends up becoming friends with bartender and womaniser, Tom. She has a long list of what she wants in a man and of course we expect her to end up falling for Tom but her ending is a little different and, I suppose, shows that sometimes having a set list of what you do and don't want isn't always a bad thing. 

Although she did come across as neurotic in some parts, she didn't settle once and the movie shied away from the storyline we would expect of her learning to love herself but turning things down a bit to instead fall for Tom who was there the whole time. Perhaps she loved herself all along.

How To Be Single really breaks the barriers - and I love it.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | How To Be Single | Movies | Movie Review | Dakota Johnson | Rebel WIlson


I read an article once on The Debrief about how it's rare in Hollywood for females to end up happy and single in films. Then I read it again after watching How To Be Single and realized it actually references and suggests the film, which I totally forgot about but nevermind. 

Even though The Debrief is kind of like my bible, I actually sort of disagreed with this article at first. Even though I love being single, I didn't think I'd ever watch a romcom and feel satisfied at an ending where the girl ends up alone. It's not that I believe women can't be happy without that typical happy ever after, I just like seeing it in movies. 

So I was pleasantly surprised at how satisfied I was with the end of this movie. It showed main character Alice genuinely really happy to be alone. She takes up hobbies she's always wanted to do and talks about how you should appreciate time you have alone.

It was really refreshing to see the movie come back around full circle and see her get exactly what she wanted when she broke up with her boyfriend at the beginning of the film, citing that she wanted that independency and wanted to be able to take up these hobbies. Although she did get caught up with other men throughout the movie, eventually she found happiness within herself and didn't have to sacrifice anything to do so.

What was also nice was the fact that the standard player of the film, who was obviously a guy, actually ended up alone (although we did see him taking steps to become less of a player towards the end), too. Some characters did get their happy endings, but in a non-traditional sense.

To conclude, I really loved How To Be Single. Unfortunately these more witty and empowering female led movies are few and far between, but I think that's changing and we'll be seeing more of them - hopefully. How To Be Single is up there with Bridesmaids and Bachelorette (both of which also star Rebel Wilson - all hail Rebel!).

Have you seen How To Be Single yet? Let me know your thoughts if you have!

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  1. I've been wanting to watch this film because it didn't seem like the typical rom-com. Never seems to be when Rebel Wilson stars! I hope it comes on netflix or something as don't have love film anymore and took me ages to unsubscribe with them...

  2. I love this film, I watched it on the plane to America in the Summer. Rebel Wilson is such a good actress x


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