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Saturday, 15 October 2016

LIFESTYLE | The one where I check on my Neopets after 13 years

When I was 11, there was only a small handful of things I cared about. My friends and family, my dog Jasper, Busted...and Neopets.

Like all pre-teens my age, I was obsessed with Neopets. Maybe it was the fun of having a virtual pet I could look after without any actual responsibility (and the fact that they were seemingly immortal - creepy), or perhaps I just enjoyed the online fantasy world that came along with owning such a pet.

I’m not sure when Second Life launched, but I like to believe Neopets was perhaps one of the first examples of such sites.

So when I got a sudden longing to check up on my virtual pets recently, I delved back into the world of Neopets and here’s what I found.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Neopets | Blast From The Past

 Logging in was actually easier than I thought. I remembered my username (suga371, lolz) and password immediately, as it was the same username and password I used for EVERYTHING back then. My passwords have since changed, so plz don’t try and hack me.

It was when I got a message saying extra precautions had to be taken since I hadn’t logged in in so long that got me stumped. I entered my birthday as requested - but it was wrong. It was then that I remembered when I first signed up I was technically underage so lied about the year I was born in (breaking the rules early here!). I took a wild guess, entering my birthday to make me three years older than I actually am and - bingo. I was in.

I go to check on my poor, poor starving pets, and am immediately faced with the sad expression of shan5222000, a poogle, and my first ever Neopet which was therefore always my go-to pet. At 5,484 days (that’s 15 years between you and me), she’s at level 16, dying, and still has a PetPet named Charlie (after Charlie Simpson from Busted, of course) - which is just a blue blob, really.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Neopets | Blast From The Past
shan5222000 really ain't happy with me here...

My other pets include an Acara (cat, basically) named Janiney9 (named after my sister), who’s PetPet is a Cobra named Cobrall - so original, Charlieeeeey the Korbat (a bat, and another example of my obsession with Charlie Simpson), and my other pride and joy, Chocoqueen27, the uni painted Christmas. If I remember rightly, this was one of the most highly sought after paintbrushes back in the day.

I am slightly disappointed to see only 1,615 NP (neopoints) - until I look in the bank. 688,702 NP biatches! My account is Diamond Deposit Gold, with a yearly interest of 68,870.

Hey, why don’t Neopets let us transform our NP into real money? I could really do with that amount of money right now...

The map, or rather ‘The World of Neotopia’ looks much the same - although I still can’t get my head around that new Mystery Island. There’s still little there. But - what’s this - a whole new island: Krawk Island. Was that always there?! I remember some Dubloon related games, but not the island.

When I rotate the world/map, there’s a whole bunch of new worlds on the back. I’m overwhelmed! Shenkuu, a Japanese-like city based high in the mountains seems pretty damn cool.

Remember those bullsh*t tasks you used to have to do, for the good fairy or for the evil witch just to get some rare items? Those tasks were loooooong. You’d have to search high and low (and pay NP, might I add) for other rare items, within a certain time frame, just to do it all over again with a new task. All I ever remember getting was a sh*tty mirror, and getting in such a faff about and spending hours for it.

I did used to love the little welcome packs you’d get though - so cute!

I swing by my house before I go, but I’m disappointed to find that despite having three rooms, they are entirely unfurnished. My little apartment on Soup Alley in Neopia Central will always have a place in my heart, however, as being my first home.

At 11 years old.

And then I log off, feeling all nostalgic and wishing I could be 11 again (or 14 as I pretended to be) so I could have an excuse to play Neopets once more.

Aw damn. I still didn’t feed my Neopets...

Did you used to be addicted to Neopets like me? Tell me all your funny stories and memories below!

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  1. You remembered your username after all those years! I remember my pets name but can't remember my username. Was fun all those years ago.


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