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Sunday, 30 October 2016

HALLOWEEN | 5 of America's best scare attractions

We all know America does Halloween best. From the beautifully decorated lawns to the tastiest candy, it's no surprise I've always wanted to visit America over Halloween.

However, one thing America really does best is its haunted attractions. Even the family friendly ones look like so much fun, but it's the real scare attractions that go all out. The haunted houses and spooky farms seemingly have their own scare factor on a whole other level and then, of course, there's the attractions that are almost borderline torture houses.

Still, from the genuine haunted buildings to the most famous attractions that require a waiting list of years, here's my top pick of America's best scare attractions.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Halloween | 5 Of America's Best Scare Attractions | McKamey Manor | The Dent Schoolhouse | Bates Motel | The 13th Gate | Haunted Overload

McKamey Manor is what is known as an extreme scare attraction. With a waiting list of 24,000 and a waiver that has to be signed before entering (to ensure brave souls can endure the stress of the ordeal), you'd be forgiven for thinking this attraction is just a bit of scary fun - it must be if it's so popular, right? Wrong. The manor boasts that attendees will likely end up being cut and bruised as they get gagged, bound, covered in blood and tortured during the ordeal that can last between four and seven hours. I can't see the appeal of it myself - to me, this doesn't seem like a haunted house and more so a torture house, but who am I to judge? Russ McKamey continues to defend the house - people are more than aware of what they are signing up to, and he admits that no one is put in any actual danger and much of the horror is psychological. I have to admit, it must feel pretty damn rewarding to survive that kind of thing and if a typical scare isn't enough for you, then maybe this is your answer.

What makes Dent Schoolhouse unique is that it is however supposedly actually haunted, with a creepy past. The story goes that the schools janitor, Charlie McFee, murdered a bunch of students between 1942 and 1952 - sounds like Freddie Kruger, I know. Apparently both the children and the janitor now haunts the school house and ghost tours are ran there, which take in the most haunted spots of the schoolhouse. The tours are genuine tours without fake or jumpy scares, although in November clowns take over for a more thrill seeking scare for just two days only.

Bates Motel isn't just a scare attraction - it's a horror theme park. As well as characters roaming and plenty of scares to be had, there's a haunted hayride that takes place through tall corn, ghost towns, a slaughter house and more. There are over 26 sets, and there's also the actual Bates Motel, which is a Victorian mansion available to explore for more scares. There's even a drive through insane asylum. Insane, yes, but the whole thing also sounds damn awesome.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Halloween | 5 Of America's Best Scare Attractions | McKamey Manor | The Dent Schoolhouse | Bates Motel | The 13th Gate | Haunted Overload

From what I've read about The 13th Gate, it's kind of halfway between McKamey Manor and a normal scare attraction - as in it's much scarier then most, but it doesn't include borderline torture. The 13th Gate is about extreme ultra realism and boasts some serious impressive sets, such as a real-life snake infested swamp, cellars and passages, and even a prehistoric ice cave. And, next door, there's a giant zombie infested cemetery.  Dare I say this is one I might even consider one day?

This outdoor haunt sounds super fun with over the top sets, gigantic monsters, stunning costumes and impressive light and sound to create effects to create a Halloween world set in the New England forest. There are three levels of fear - so something for everyone - and this haunt focuses on the tradition of Halloween. There's little blood and guts, and instead brave attendees will instead expect encounters by classic legends such as scarecrows and headless horsemen. It's often been described as similar to a Hollywood set because of how creative it is.

And, one more worth mentioning, is Dead Of Night in New York. Although it's now closed, I've heard that past themes at the extreme attraction included humiliation, which saw strange substances being smeared on people and, um, giant fake pensies hitting people in the face. LOLZ.

Would you ever attend any of these - or have you faced any you'd like to recommend? If you had to pick just one to attend out of the five above, which one would it be?! Let me know!

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