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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

FOOD | Gousto Recipe Box Review

I've seen Gousto recipe boxes advertised on my Facebook for a while now and always thought the food looked delicious. The boxes always seemed a tad too pricey for me and my current situation though, so I never bothered with trying it, not until I saw a deal being offered to try the service for just £5 for your first order.

I thought this was a fair price so I took up the offer, which included one week/two boxes. You can change your subscription though - you can choose to have boxes delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and change them according to who is in your household. It's just me and my nan at the moment, so I choose two meals for two people, although I soon realized that my first meal could have easily stretched to three people.

Still, the sign up process was easy and understand and the app was ever so cute to use. I picked two recipes and was told my delivery would arrive that weekend. I was kept up to date with text messages in regards to what day my food would arrive and it arrived early afternoon on Saturday.

What I liked about my first box was that everything came ready and pre-measured. Measuring out things for cooking is my downfall - I nearly always add too much or too little of something, so the fact that everything was delivered all ready with what I needed exactly was nice and convenient. The box included a handy guide on how to store everything and I like that all the faff was removed.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Food | Recipes | Gousto Recipe Box | Gousto

I used to subscribe to Simply Cook which was fun, but this service essentially only delivered the spices and recipes, which meant I had to go and get the meat and other ingredients. Although I liked this in a sense because it taught me to go in search of the right things a little, I found that Gousto is a tad more convenient and it's great if you don't live near a big Tesco for example or don't have time to shop for all that stuff.

Absolutely everything you need is delivered right to your doorstep, even down to the spices. The only thing you have to provide is stuff you would normally have in your kitchen anyway such as salt, pepper, cooking oil and foil.

My first recipe sounded a lot harder than it actually was - honey baked gammon. Apart from one or two attempts of a roast chicken at uni and frozen meals, I'd never actually baked or cooked meat before, let alone anything slightly exotic as gammon, so I was excited to try this.

Luckily, the recipe was direct and straight to the point, and what I really loved was that it pointed out what to do step by step and by time. For example, whilst the gammon was searing, it told me to make up the sauce, so I was using my time wisely. Normally on my own, I would have done this all in the wrong order because I am terrible with timings and struggle to cook meals so that everything is ready at the same time. I didn't panic, and, as encouraged by the recipe card, everything was ready just on time and looked and smelled delicious.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Food | Recipes | Gousto Recipe Box | Gousto

I was so proud! It looked so good when all put together and thankfully tasted amazing too. I've kept the recipe for future reference, but you can also store all the recipes in a virtual cookbook on the app which is a really cute idea too.

My second recipe was Vegetable Satay which was yummy, but perhaps not as yummy as the first recipe as I burned the vegetables a tad! I, er, also ended up injuring myself by stabbing myself with a skewer stick - damn those sticks are sharp. Still, it looked impressive, and I'd likely try it again.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Food | Recipes | Gousto Recipe Box | Gousto
 Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Food | Recipes | Gousto Recipe Box | Gousto
 Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Food | Recipes | Gousto Recipe Box | Gousto

I can assure you that despite my terrible presentation and my even worse photography skills, the above meal was actually super nice.

The more you use Gousto, you'll also unlock and see what good you are doing by using it. For example, with my first box I have reduced 2 kilos of food waste, and saved an hour in food shopping/meal planning.

If you'd like to give Gousto a go (and I would recommend it!), you can save £25 off your first box (which, if you end up on a subscription similar to mine, will make it around £5 - so a huge saving!) by using my reference code and signing up here. And just to prove I'm not blogging about this just for that, alternatively, you can visit to sign up.

*Please note, this blog post is not at all sponsored by Gousto and is just something I wished to try in my own time!
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  1. I think these are such a good idea if you get stuck for meal ideas and want to stop wasting food.

  2. This Gousto box sounds really good and actually something I would love to try! I will check it out, great review x

  3. This is such a great idea! I would definitely give that a try, especially for more complex recipes


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