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Monday, 5 September 2016

REVIEW | Get The Gloss Love Horoscope Guide 2016/17

When I was offered the chance to review The Love Horoscope Guide 2016/17 by Get The Gloss resident astrologer, Jessica Adams, I just had to say yes.

I find horoscopes and anything like that absolutely fascinating and think they're a great answer for how your life is going. Although I'm not the type of person to sit down and read a horoscope daily, before choosing to spend my day a certain way judging by what I've read, I do enjoy reading my horoscope to see what kind of things I can look forward to in general, and to get answers for why I might be feeling quite down one month or why I seem to have a lot of luck during another.

I don't live by them, but I enjoy reading them and find them very interesting.

Likewise, I like to read them to discover more about myself. For example, I'm a Capricorn through and through, and I have so many elements that are found in Capricorns.

Formidable Joy | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Review | Get The Gloss Love Horoscope Guide 2016/17; Formidable Joy | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Review | Get The Gloss Love Horoscope Guide 2016/17

 So I was definitely very interested to see what the next twelve months had in store for me - and my love life - by taking into account my Venus sign.

A Venus sign is different, and for the next twelve months, it's something to draw upon. The guide explains that "thanks to Jupiter, the planet of healing and hope moving into Libra on September 10th 2016, the sign which rules love, there are some exciting and potentially life-altering relationship changes afoot for everyone over the next 12 months."

My sign is Venus in Aquarius and for the most part, I found this guide spot on.

Relationship/love wise I couldn't connect to too much, as I've been single for a good few years now and can't even remember any of my ex's birthdays, so I couldn't compare our past relationships to what this guide told me.

However, I have learned that as a Venus in Aquarius sign, I click best with the regular zodiac signs of Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius - interesting! This is definitely something I'm going to remember in future.

I also learned that in my next relationship, I can expect it to be with someone who is prepared to balance the scales with me, regardless of age or background differences.

This sits well with me because I suppose, with my life all over the place right now, this is kind of comforting. Many times I feel like when I meet someone who has their sh*t together, they wouldn't look twice at me! So this is comforting!

I found the guide was very spot on when learning more about myself however.

Apparently I'm very musical, and that festivals are a happy hunting ground for me. You got that right! It stated that I "like cool, small, niche-interest festivals where you find your tribe." - this sounds exactly like Lost Village, and the fact that the guide even used the word 'tribe' which was one thing heavily promoted with Lost Village - joining a tribe - is kind of a big coincidence!

Finally, the guide also stated "You arouse the most passion in team or group situations and that’s why you make the perfect groupie – although your principles would never let you go further than fangirl enthusiasm" - haha, THIS!

This is definitely me all over - total fangirl and borderline groupie, haha!

So all in all, this guide taught me more about myself and that my next relationship - or lover - will be based on equality, and that I shouldn't worry about the state of my life compared to others.

I actually found this guide really interesting and worth it's price. It's something I'll keep on my phone and definitely refer back to throughout the rest of the year and 2017.

You can download the guide for your Venus sign here.

Do you believe in astronomy? Let me know!

*Please note, although I received this guide for free to review, all opinions are entirely unbiased and my own. 
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  1. How much fun! I love reading horoscopes as well. I can't help it...they're just enjoyable! :-)

    1. I think so too! Let me know if you download the guide! x


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