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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

MUSIC | The Reading Playlist

I promise this is my last post related to Reading Festival! I thought it would be fitting to end my posts about the music festival with a playlist, especially since my last post was all to do with the new artists and music I discovered at the festival in August.

So I've put together a playlist of all the best songs I feel my favourite artists played over the weekend. Except for Biffy Clyro, who I really wanted to see but didn't have the chance to. I don't think Animal Style was actually played during their set - in fact, I'm not sure it was even out then - but I love it so I had to include it.

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And yes, the playlist is supposed to look messy and ripped on purpose - it's part of the effect! 

Listening to songs such as Words Don't Come So Easily by Lower Than Atlantis, Alone Together by Fall Out Boy and Holding On To You by Twenty One Pilots were definitely the highlights of my weekend.

Words Don't Come So Easily is one song that I listened to a few times on the drive there and fell in love with it immediately, so discovering this band and this song for the first time then seeing them perform it live was great!

Alone Together has always been a favourite song of mine by Fall Out Boy - it's just one of those songs that require you to sing your heart out. It's such a heartfelt but upbeat song, and seeing them perform this on the main stage to thousands of people was amazing.

And of course every damn song performed by Twenty One Pilots was such a great experience for me. Holding On To You is a massive favourite of mine, it's just so lovely and fun to sing along to, but I didn't know if they'd perform it or not. Because I'd never seen them live or had any idea about their set lists, I had no idea what songs they would and wouldn't play. I've not really been sure of their biggest hits over here either, so it was a pleasant surprise when they sung this, especially as it's not been released as a single.

And I'd really recommend checking out The Wholls, VANT, Rocky Nti and VEXXES, as suggested in my previous post.


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