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Friday, 23 September 2016

MOVIE REVIEW | Train to Busan

It's been an scary few days for me - in terms of movies, anyway.

On Wednesday night, my friends and I went to see the new Blair Witch film, which was petrifying in it's own.

Then, on yesterday, I had the opportunity to see Train to Busan, the highly anticipated South Korean horror movie.

I couldn't wait to see it, especially it's a zombie flick too.

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The general premise is that the zombie apocalypse is upon us and the film focuses mainly on the character of Seok-Woo, and his young daughter, Su-an. The two don't have the best relationship - Seok-Woo is divorced from Su-an's mother, and he often works long hours, missing out on pivotal times in his daughter's life.

When Su-an insists on going to see her mother in Busan, Seok-Woo eventually gives in and goes with her. But even during their journey to the train station, it's obvious that something is going on. Although they don't know what yet, and even though we as the audience know it's clearly zombies, the anticipation is already building.

Train to Busan to me was like Snakes on a Plane meets World War Z.

It's a dramatic roller coaster of emotions over the course of two hours and I spent an hour and a half of that time on the edge of my seat, occasionally jumping and sometimes shouting at the characters. 

The action just did not stop. Every time we thought a character was safe, at least for a while, we barely had a moment before another challenge made itself known and we were suddenly subject to that tension once more.

But, the action didn't seem like too much, either. The whole film was fast paced and exciting, but there were some heart-to-heart moments and some witty one-liners to break it up.

We were lucky enough to have a few minutes here and there for our heart rates to return to normal, but overall the whole film was action packed from start to finish.

It certainly wasn't boring.

It was realistic in a way that had me kind of scared to get the train to go home afterwards. The idea of zombies on a train (like snakes on a plane!) works so well because there really is no escape. 

We've all learned from horror movies that when a zombie approaches you have two choices; fight or run, but on a train there is nowhere to run to!

What's interesting as well is that the zombies were fast, and there were a few elements these zombies showcased that other zombies didn't.

It seems fast zombies is just the norm these days.

And these zombies were genuinely scary!

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Movies | Movie Review | Train to Busan | Zombies | Zomie Flick | Gong Yoo | Ma Dong-seok | Jung Yu-mi | Kim Su-an

What I loved about the movie as well was that it had a lot of heart and there were plenty of messages to learn, too. It very much touched upon the subject of whether you'd put yourself or someone else first in danger, or in a life-or-death situation.

It seems so easy to say you would sacrifice yourself for someone or to help someone else, but of course things are a lot different when zombies are involved. Sacrificing yourself means essentially getting turned into a zombie and helping spread the virus further.

There's also the point of the main characters - Seok-Woo and Su-an. Seok-Woo would do anything for his daughter - but is sacrificing other people for her safety right or wrong?

It's a tough one, and this film definitely left me thinking.

I must also point out that Kim Su-an who played Su-an was an amazing actress - despite being just ten years old! She was one of the best actresses in the entire movie and I was thoroughly impressed by her.

In conclusion, Train to Busan is without a doubt one of the best horror movies from 2016. The action does not stop and you will spend the whole time on the edge of your seat, silently cheering on each character. 

It has actually been a very long time since a film has had that kind of effect on me and I would recommend that if you're looking for a good movie to see for Halloween, it should be this one.

Train to Busan will be released in the UK on the 28th of October - just in time for Halloween.

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