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Thursday, 1 September 2016

LIFESTYLE | Hello September

Well, that's it. Summer is out of the way (or at least, what we had of summer) and we are officially in autumn now. But, there's plenty to look forward to now that the days are getting colder - autumn and winter are after all two of my favourite seasons. In a blink of an eye, it'll be Halloween and Bonfire night! God damn am I excited for Halloween... Anyway. In the meantime, here's what I'm looking forward to this September.  

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Backyard cinema have launched their new venture, Lost World. The quirky cinema company will be showing a variety of other world movies (think Jurassic Park, The Hunger Games, Apocalypse Now) in a themed 'jungle' atmosphere, with tropical plants, trees and sound effects. It looks AWESOME. The first movie is naturally Jurassic Park on the 16th September, but there's films running all throughout September and early October.

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake sounds like an enticing read. The story is about three sisters who possess magic and must fight - to the death - to become Queen, as following the previous destiny of past generations. It sounds like a dark mixture between Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games and I am loving the sound of it. I love anything that's mystical and fantasy so I think this will be a really good read.

Bridget Jones's Baby is one film I'm kind of eagerly awaiting. I am of course interested to see the return of Bridget and catch up with her life, but I'm sad that Hugh Grant isn't returning (yes, I was secretly hoping for another fight scene between his character and Colin Firth's). I'm not as excited as I should be, but feel it's something I have to see regardless. Other than that though, I'm also really happy that David Bowie's The Man Who Fell To Earth is going to be re-released into cinema's. I've wanted to see this ever since reading about the Lazarus play that sort of acts like a sequel to the film. I think by re-releasing it, it's also a lovely homage to the late legend, too. I'll hold off on watching the DVD for now and will instead try to see it in cinemas.

So one artist I have to rave about after discovering him at Reading has to be Rocky Nti. He hails from Milton Keynes, and it was actually my friend Briony that dragged me along to his set as they went to school together. I wasn't expecting much, if I'm honest. She told me he was talented but was pretty much one guy with a guitar and although I do love laid back music like that when I'm in the mood, on this particular day I was exhausted and just wanted to go back to the tent for a nap before Good Charlotte and Fall Out Boy that evening. BOY AM I GLAD I DIDN'T. His intimate set was amazing and I can't quite explain his style - except for it's rocky, but not too rocky and also quite upbeat and toe-tapping. There were a few slower songs too, but he really got us dancing and it was just so funky and fun. His music style is just that bit different and although I can't describe why, I'd definitely recommend you check him out. 

I'm sorry to say but I'm thinking of finally jumping onto this whole Bullet Journal trend at last - and what better time to do so than the start of the academic year? Saying that, it looks like it takes a lot of planning ahead so we'll see how I get on. If you don't know what bullet journaling is, it's kind of a very simplified to do list/life organiser..however from what I've seen, the planning and set up of it all is anything BUT simple - which kind of defies the point. I think it makes a life lot easier once you are actually using it. It sure is pretty though...Check out my Pinterest board of ideas about bullet journaling and let me know if you're a fan of this new fad!
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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing Bridget Jones's Baby, I've seen all the other movies and this should be funny.


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