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Sunday, 21 August 2016

MUSIC | Girls Night Out Playlist with Airtime App

It's been a while since I've popped up a playlist post, so I thought this would be the perfect example!

I've created a girls night out playlist inspired by Airtime, an innovative new app that allows you to share music and video chat with up to five friends too, which I think is a great idea for when you're getting ready for a night out.

The fact of a matter is that these days, pre-drinks with your friends and getting ready to go out on a night out is half the fun and sometimes even more fun than the rest of the night. It's the perfect opportunity to gossip, swap makeup tips, catch up with friends, listen to your own music and have a few pre-drinks, too.

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It's often my favourite part of the night - although I love a night out, this is really the time when I get to sit down and chat to my friends one to one before we're too drunk and the music is too loud, haha.

This app is super useful too because I get SO stressed out pre-arranging things before a night out. When there's a big group of you, not everyone arrives on time. There's always someone running late, someone leaving straight from work or someone that just can't decide what to wear.

Having the opportunity to talk to everyone in one go in one singular app makes it so much easier, there's no trying to gossip to a friend whilst trying to fiend off endless whatsapp messages or phonecalls about what drink someone should bring or how much time do they have before we order the taxi.

It makes things simpler and involves everyone in the whole getting ready process too, which I like.

I've also found it super helpful for events in the future, too. Like a friend and I are going to Reading next week, and we're sharing videos from Youtube and songs from Spotify from bands we'd like to check out and watch while we're there.

These days, my pre-drinks and gettogethers tend to happen more before big gigs than actual clubbing - although sometimes its a gig followed by some partying! I have to admit, I enjoy rooting through my wardrobe looking for an edgy outfit that will also keep me cool in the mosh pit, donning  jewellery that fits in with my look and creating the perfect smokey eye for a gig.

Of course I also love getting ready to go clubbing, but somehow I enjoy it more before a gig/rock night out because I feel I can be creative.

So I'm sharing with you my getting ready playlist - 'rock' songs, or songs by rock artists that are also slightly dancey too in a way with the lyrics or theme behind the song. I've thrown a few genuine dance tunes in there too though ;)

Also, how old is that Bodyrockers song?! I discovered this gem on an old burned CD I found the other day, since my new car has an ace CD player, and the songs are so old on there that I must have made the mix when I was 16 or so! One of the songs was a Snow Patrol song and was so old that it was recorded directly from the radio, complete with the DJ introducing the track!

Oh the days of LimeWire..!

What do you think? Will you be downloading the app? What songs would be on your getting ready to go out playlist? Let me know with a comment!
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