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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

LIFESTYLE | I'll see you in my dreams..

Dreams are funny, aren't they?

I once read somewhere how weird it is that we basically lay down and regenerate in a comatose state for eight or so hours, all whilst being completely vulnerable to what's going on around us and whilst hallucinating vividly.

My dreams are definitely vivid and weird as I have such an overactive imagination.

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In the past I have had reoccurring dreams about places that don't exist and dreams that make no sense whatsoever.

And did I mention how freaky it is that a dream can seemingly last for days yet you can wake up after half an hour?!

I also have really messed up dreams, especially when it comes to horror. There's an ace but very messed up scene in my zombie novel that has come direct from my dreams!

I find the reasoning behind dreams very weird, too. Have you ever looked up what your dreams mean?

Adjustamatic have teamed up with dream expert Ian Wallace to help understand dreams and what's on our minds when we dream, so I thought I'd share the reasoning behind one of my own.

It's rare that I have a common dream like teeth falling out or anything like that but, years ago when I was getting ready to graduate from university, I used to have one reoccurring dream so often that at one point, I was having the dream up to two times a week for a couple of months or so.

The dream would see me living down south once I had graduated (if you remember rightly, I studied at a university up north, living with my boyfriend at the time).

The dream would start out like most others, me doing mundane things and just getting on with my life..except, I'd forget I had a boyfriend. He wouldn't even cross my mind and it was like he didn't even exist.

I'd then become aware of this in my dream and like a bolt would be like a 'oh shit, my boyfriend. I haven't called him yet today' kind of thing. Then all of a sudden, I'd be in a rush to contact him - but couldn't. I'd try to ring him on my phone, but I'd forget his number or my thumbs would be too big for the keys. I'd try and write him a letter but be unable to find a pen. I'd try to book the train to travel back up north to see him, but the website wouldn't work.

There would be all manners of things stopping me contacting him and the few times that I did manage to call him, he wouldn't answer.

We broke up a few weeks later and, almost instantly, the dreams stopped.

Formidable Joy | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Lifestyle | I'll see you in my dreams; Formidable Joy; Formidable Joy Blog; Dreams Explained; Adjustamatic

And as soon as I did, I knew what they meant. The dreams were representing my fear of us not working out once I moved down south and us not working out in a long distance relationship. I think deep down, I knew once I graduated that that would be the end for us, and perhaps I just didn't want to face it at the time.

But all I'll always remember those dreams and they're the only reoccurring dreams I've had that have actually meant something.

It was so weird.

These days my reoccurring dreams are far and few between (the only one I tend to have these days are dreams about a haunted house attraction in the woods - so typical of me), but I also like to believe it's because my life is more settled, too.

I find it so much easier to sleep at night when I've been working all day - I struggled really badly with sleeping patterns back when I first graduated from university and didn't have a job. Sometimes, I'd find myself wide awake at 3am, almost struggling to breath in a panic as I thought about all the things I wanted to do with my life but with the fear that I wouldn't get to do.

These days when I go to bed, my dreams are still sometimes vivid, but it's a far cry of how my sleeping patterns used to be. I've come to believe that being settled in life or at least on the right track leads to a better sleeping pattern - and sometimes better dreams, too.

Sometimes I dream of marrying rock stars! I find my weirdest dreams will come on a weekend sometimes, when I've been up late the night before or am having a restless night.

My weirdest dreams come from when I nap, though, or if I've fallen asleep somewhere uncomfortable. I love naps, but I hate waking up on the sofa, my neck achy and feeling like I have no idea what day it is or even what planet I'm on!

I do find the idea of dreaming absolutely fascinating and in some ways, I'm glad I realized what that one reoccurring dream meant, because it taught me to listen to my gut and, sometimes, listen to my dreams too.

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*This post was created in collaboration with Adjustamatic.


  1. I love finding out the meanings of dreams. I use to have a recurring dream for years and the fact I still remember it so vividly is amazing. I do feel that dreams are telling us something through our subconscious mind.

  2. My weirdest dreams come when I nap too!


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