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Monday, 1 August 2016

LIFESTYLE | Hello August

It's so weird to think that technically August is the last month of summer - not that we've really had much of a summer! I'm glad I got away to enjoy the sunshine abroad while I still could and I know that as soon as this month is over, the excitement for winter is going to arrive in the blink of an eye.

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Too many people have tried to publish books and stories about Michael Jackson and more often than not, they're not good and tend to be claims about the late singers problems. Although we may never know the truth about who Michael really was, Shana Mangatal's new book, Michael and Me: The Untold Story of Michael Jackson's Secret Romance has caught my eye and not just because for once it doesn't paint Michael in a bad light. I think it will be refreshing to read things from another point of view and of course, despite everything, Michael did have a fascinating life which I'd love to read about. Plus, this book is one of few that seems to treat his story with respect, rather then aiming to publish something that shocks and earns money. This book is released on the 29th.

One of my favourite comedians, Chris Ramsey, is putting on a bunch of comedy gigs all over the country in collaboration with Swiftcover in a bid to get more people on the road and exploring the UK's comedy hotspots. On the 24th, he'll be headlining a gig at The Hippodrome in Leicester Square and will be bringing along Ahir Shah. I was lucky enough to bag myself tickets and personally cannot wait - Chris Ramsey is from South Shields which was one of my happy places up north, so not only can I understand his accent, but I've always been a fan of his comedy.. You can still register for free tickets now here. It's going to be a great night out!

I'm not going to mention the big one (which we're all looking forward to, lets face it) and instead I'm going to suggest Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Not only does it boast an awesome cast of comedy-duo Zac Efron and Adam DeVine, plus Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza, it also looks freakin' hilarious. Brothers Mike and Dan are ordered by their dad to find respectable dates for their sisters wedding, following the disasters that always take place when they are together. They meet best friends Tatiana and Alice, who, unknown to them, are actually anything but respectable. This light hearted comedy is released on the 10th and will provide plenty of laughs for you and your friends.

I've heard nothing but good things about Gotham, the TV series starring Ben McKenzie (remember him from the OC?!) as a sort of prequel to Batman, before he becomes batman (although Ben plays James Gordon who is associated with Batman so I'm not quite sure if Batman is even in this series). Nonetheless, despite the fact that I know little about it, I do know that season two comes to Netflix on the 14th, and with 22 episodes in the first season, I reckon I've got just enough time to catch up. It's a real rarity for me to find a TV series so early on, often I catch onto things when shows are in their 8th/9th/10th season *cough* Game of Thrones and Supernatural *cough*  so here's hoping I'll stay on top of this. 

It's Reading this month! Excluding Lost Village earlier this year which was camping but wasn't rock music, Reading is my first rock festival with camping. I'm so excited! The bands I'm determined to check out include Biffy Clyro, Die Antwoord, Fall Out Boy! (who I've seen many times but not in recent years or since their comeback), Foals, Good Charlotte (!!), Imagine Dragons, Jack Garratt, Sleeping with Sirens, Spring King, The 1975 (!!!), Twenty One Pilots (!!!), Vant and of course Russell Howard in the comedy tent. And I'll likely discover tons of new music, too.

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  1. I love Anna Kendrick so I'm also looking forward to Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. I saw a trailer in the cinema and it looks very funny!

  2. I have never been to a comedy gig before. I wish I could attend the Chris Ramsey gig.


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