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Saturday, 13 August 2016

DATING | Dates from hell VS my best dates

I like being single.

I like being able to go out on dates and meet new people. I like the nerves and butterflies beforehand, and I like the worries of trying to work out if that accidental touch was really an accident, or if someone's fleeting touches on my arm or leg means they like me.

Of course, it would be lovely to meet someone who went on to become my boyfriend, but in the mean time, dating is fun. 

I suppose I'm quite lucky in that I've not really had tons of full on terrible dates. For the most part, my dates have been really fun, although there have been an odd few that have just been quite standard and nothing to write home about.

But there have been a few really bad dates that have led onto good stories, as well as some really amazing ones that, although may not have led onto anything, I'll always remember fondly.

So here's my dates from hell VS my best dates.

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When I was 17 or so, I'd been chatting to this cute local guy on Myspace (oh the days of Myspace!). I knew he was legit, because we had lots of friends in common, and he was an emo/scene guy, which was totally my thing back then (and still now, sometimes). However, it didn't really occur to me that in every one of his photos, his long emo hair completely covered his face. When we met in person, it was obvious there was no attraction between us (I'm not shallow, but you can't force attraction and we also had little in common too) and it quickly became awkward. We mooched around town for a bit then went back to watch a movie at his (well his parents house). He made me watch Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies which wasn't my type of movie at all, nor my type of humour, then spent a long half an hour telling me all about the dandruff in his hair. When it came to leaving, he made his mum give me a lift home (cue a long, awkward car ride with him and his mum) and didn't even kiss me goodbye.

When I broke up with my last boyfriend, I was sure I wanted to be single and couldn't wait to start going on loads of amazing dates again. The first date I went on was to the local fair (I imagined it to be very romantic like the fairs in America, with lots of fairy lights against the night sky etc) but instead got a tiny half-assed fair with loads of chavs with big, barking dogs. Although I should have known, having been to my local fair many times before. With little chemistry, we persevered and went on the walzters where I hurt my neck really bad by almost falling out the car, then tried to walk through the haunted house where I got so scared I screamed right in his ear.

Most recently, I went for a movie with a guy I'd been talking to from Tinder, but when he picked me up, it was strikingly obvious he looked nothing like he did in his photos. Still, personality wins over looks any day and as we'd got on very well beforehand, I decided not to let it bother me. The chemistry just wasn't there in person though and I stupidly texted my friend asking for advice, saying he looked nothing like he did in his photos and we weren't getting on very well. When I went to the loo, he checked my phone and read the messages, then acted very off for the rest of the date but didn't own up to what he did. When the movie was over he was short with me asking abruptly if I was ready to go because he had things to do. When I texted him later asking if everything was okay, he admitted to going through my phone which is immediately a deal breaker for me!

When I was a teenager, again, 17 or so, this really hot guy asked me out on a date, though our mutual friend was there and all we ended up doing was going to another friends house to watch movies and get a takeaway and stuff. Our mutual friend left to go to the shop at one point so me and the guy I was on a date with ended up making out on the sofa...until his best friend who he was actually in love with turned up and walked in on us kissing then left the room in tears. He asked if he could speak to her alone, so I went and sat in the kitchen with our other friend who had returned from the shop, and, about two hours later (why didn't I just leave?!) the girl left the house crying once more. Needless to say, this should have been my clue that things were just too complicated to get involved...

Formidable Joy | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Dating | Dates from hell VS my best dates; Dating; Formidable Joy; Formidable Joy Blog; Relationships

There was one guy I met from Southend and I traveled down there to spend the day with him. We spent the day in the mini theme park along the front of the coast, him coaxing me onto rides I was slightly too scared for and holding my hand. It was a real surreal kind of date, spent at the seaside, playing crazy golf, visiting the aquarium etc. Afterwards, we met his friends for a couple of games of pool then finished the evening by eating chips on the beach. It was perfect and we ended up seeing each other for six months or so!

One of my other favourite dates was kind of like a Netflix and chill but was more like a date. I'd liked this guy for a long time now and eventually he invited me round for a movie (not a Netflix and chill, I mean we were attracted to each other and I think we both wanted that to happen at the back of our minds, but we didn't plan that as a date specifically). We got a takeaway and lounged out in front of the TV for most of the night, watching classic comedy films that I somehow hadn't seen until then. I think what was so nice about it was that it was so simple and laid back and although we were attracted to each other, we'd never really hit it off too well over text or anything beforehand. So it was a really nice surprise to find we got on really, really well in person. We didn't see each other after that, but for a one off it was perfect.

When I was 17 or so, there was this cute guy I vaguely knew from Myspace and local gigs. Me and my bestie at the time had gone to a local gig, and this guy walked past me and we kind of looked at each other, semi-recognizing each other, before moving on. Anyway, when we chatted on Myspace a few days later, he admitted him and his friend had been standing behind me and my friend at the gig and checking us out! I was over the moon because this guy was so hot and totally out of my league. We all went on a double date up to Dunstable Downs (basically these hills overlooking the city) and after a while we split off into couples and then he kissed me under the stars. N'awww. Haha.

And finally, one of my most recent dates was an evening spent in London which, oddly enough, I've rarely done before. He booked us a table for a late lunch (I think this is genuinely the first time I've had someone book a table for dinner, dinner to me seems like a lot of pressure for a first date - this one was at a laid back but classy pub so it was a bit different - but it's still surprising how rare it is for a guy to offer to take you out for dinner for a date) before we bar-hopped around a few favourite quirky bars in London - he showed me some of his favourite spots and I showed him mine. It was really nice and one of my favourite recent dates.

And then there has been the dates that haven't been anything to write home about. But if dating has taught me anything is that sometimes the dates that you think are going to be average usually end up being some of the best. I've had dates that I've been so nervous for and others that I'm not necessarily looking forward to because me and said guy get on well, but until the date, that's as far as it goes. I've often found that taking that chance and avoiding saying no just because someone doesn't blow me away during a first conversation, I actually end up meeting some really great people.

What about you guys? Have you had any dates from hell? Let me know!

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  1. LMAO talking about his dandruff ah the young days!!! The Southend date sounds really nice. The only times I walk up Dunstable Downs is for the exercise lol so not often x

  2. Lord I have have had some dates from hell but I cant believe that the guy went through your phone that is awful! Still the Netflix date sounded good and the dinner in London.

  3. Ahhh, the days of Myspace! There was always such a mi of people on there.

  4. I actually laughed out loud about the talking about his dandruff for half an hour, who does that? And at any age haha! The date in London where you went out for dinner and then bar hopped sounds great xx


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