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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

MOVIES | Horror Movies based on true events

With The Conjuring 2 recently being released, I thought it would be nice to educate you all on horror movies that are based on real life events - and I mean really based on them.

There are so many movies that claim to be entirely truthful but this is often a scare tactic.

However, there are actually some films that are based on well known events that have happened in the past, and The Conjuring 2 is just one example of many.

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The Fourth Kind is a tricky one. The way the film is put across, at times it very much feels like you are watching original footage and I, for one, think this effect works excellently in this film - part of the way it is shot has made it one of my favourite horror films of all time. Although the case of Dr Abigail Tyler is not real, many elements from the rest of the film are.

The idea of being abducted by aliens is not a new one and there are hundreds of cases being reported every year. It would be near impossible to reference just one case that may have served as inspiration for this film. However, there are actually a high number of disappearances that have taken place in Nome - where the movie is based - so much so that residents of the town even believed that a serial killer was on the loose at one time. In many of the cases no bodies were ever found, but it's been said that the likely cause of the disappearances are due to alcohol consumption or rugged weather conditions.

Still, alien abductions are still a possibility - at least in my eyes.

The newest film in the Amityville series actually looks seriously spooky, which is a welcome change from all the dodgy spin offs over the years (apart from that one with Ryan Reynolds and his sexy beard). By now, everyone knows the story of Amityville, but this movie takes a new approach which instead focuses on a new family moving into the classic house (okay maybe not that new) with their comatose son, before weird things start to happen.

I guess the Amitville series can be quite a vague one, too, as there's really two parts to the story. Most films - including this one - focuses on the hauntings, but the original story about the murders itself is beyond interesting, too. 

There's a super creepy photo of a 'ghost boy' that can be found online too, and always creeps me out.

I'll keep this one short as you probably all already know - this is all about Janet Hodgson and her supposed possession. Although I have yet to see the film, from what I've seen, it focuses greatly on Janet's story. However, her sister also became possessed by the spirit of an old man named Bill, and the whole family witnessed paranormal activity. For years afterwards, many people accused the sisters of making a lot of it up and have insisted it was a hoax. Janet later admitted to faking maybe 2% of the events - talking about how, as a teenage girl at the time, she felt like she'd failed when people would turn up expecting something to happen and nothing did - but who knows what the truth really is.

The film also touches on the hauntings of Amityville, and it's said the prequel is also based on true events.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose is loosely based on the case of Anneliese Michel, a German lady who was supposedly possessed and underwent a 400-year old ritual Catholic exorcism in 1975, something that was rarely heard of or performed at that time. She died the following year, due to malnutrition and dehydration from the constant rituals. If you look hard enough, online there is what claims to be actual audio and images from the many exorcisms that took place. The film follows the elements of an exorcism being performed on a young girl.

Another one to do with aliens. I couldn't find too much information about this film online, as by the looks if it it's still in it's planning process, but the film is going to focus entirely on Betty and Barney Hill, a couple who claimed to be abducted by aliens in September 1961. Again, the genre of alien abductions is no longer a new one, but the case of Betty and Barney Hill was actually considered to be one of the first ever recorded cases/claims of an abduction. And if you read into their story, the attention to detail is far too specific to make up out of the blue or without drawing inspiration from previous abductions - of which there were none. Although the film is a long way off yet, I'd recommend looking into their case as it's super interesting.

Of course, these are just five movies that are taken, from the most part, from specific cases. Horror movies claim to be based on true events all the time, but how many actually are, other than these five?

Are there any other movies you think I should have referenced here? Let me know...

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  1. You're so brave! I *cannot* handle scary movies!

  2. THE CONJURING 2: THE ENFIELD EXPERIMENT is one I want to see, as I live in Enfield in London, but ive heard mixed reviews x

  3. I have to admit I do love a good horror film, I am looking forward to seeing the Conjouring 2.

  4. I love a good horror movie but I haven't seen any of these! I think I'm probably more of a 'Likes things to be made up' sort of girl ;)

    Louise x


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