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Saturday, 30 July 2016

FOOD | My favourite healthy/vegan snacks

When it comes to adapting a healthy lifestyle, I have two downfalls.

The first is when I forget to plan ahead of time and often find myself heading home after work, realizing I have nothing healthy at home and grabbing a takeaway on the way back.

The other is snacking.

It's not so bad on a weekend when I go out for dinner with friends, or sleep in late to skip breakfast (and sometimes lunch, too..) so instead stock up on one big meal. But at work, it's the worst. I often find myself reaching into my drawer of goodies, hoping I've got some chocolate in there.

More often then not, I don't, thank god, although I do allow myself a chocolate bar or a treat once a week.

I have found it a lot easier to switch over to a healthy lifestyle just by swapping unhealthy snacks for healthy ones which often taste just as nice - if not more - anyway.

Here's my favourite healthy and mostly vegan (bar one or two) snacks I keep at work and at home, and find myself turning to on a regular basis.

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These are one of my absolute favourite vegan snacks and the Nakd range was an absolute god-send when I went vegan in January for Veganuary 2016. I love the Nakd bars, they are so tasty and really filling, too. Sometimes I substitute these for breakfast on the go but more often then not, I have them as an afternoon treat. The bake well tart one is hands down the best and its ever so tasty, so much though that I don't understand how it can taste so good but still be so healthy and vegan.

I never really got on with Graze subscription boxes as I found a lot of what they sent me I didn't like - I don't like nuts or seeds for example. But after seeing their flapjacks on sale in shops, I've been buying them quite a lot until I realized it would make sense to just buy a bunch online. So I ordered a pack of six and some other snacks I remembered I did like when receiving the boxes, and I'm over the moon with them. They're small enough to fit into your lunchbox but are really filling too, and actually taste so nice. The original fruity flapjacks are my favourite so far, because they have mixed seeds which actually taste okay with these, so it's good for protein and fibre, too things I struggle with. Plus they're vegan too, as are most of the snacks I ordered.

The chocolate pretzels probably aren't the healthiest of Graze snacks, but are still a lot more healthy then an actual chocolate bar.

I'm an English girl through and through so I love my classic tea - mine's two sugars and very milky, btw - and I've never really favoured green tea as such but this tea has become a firm favourite of mine. It's tasty and healthy too and has been a staple in my desk drawer for a long time now. 

And not pictured...

These aren't vegan, but the sour cream and cracked black pepper sunbites are delicious and I think they're healthy too. I don't know how, I just, when I look at them they just seem a lot more healthy then, say, doritos or wotsits, or any greasy crisps, ha. They gave a lot of favour and go great with a sandwich or even just some tomato soup.

I tried these for my blog a while back and was thoroughly impressed. These gluten free and vegan friendly snacks are perfect for on the go and actually have tons of flavour, too. At £1 a pack, they're super cheap also and I'll often have one or two packs stored in my lunchbox.

Oh my. I have become a complete addict to coconut water after having it one day in Ibiza when I was too skint to pay for an alcoholic drink and I love how every time I drink this it reminds me of my time spent in the sun. Trouble is, coconut water can be pricey, so I tend to try and only pick this up when it's as part of a meal deal.

So there you have it - a few of my favourite (and mostly vegan) snacks that help me through the day. 

Obviously it's not always easy choosing a healthier lifestyle, especially on those days when you just crave chocolate, but I can't lie - it has really helped to have a selection of these snacks in my desk drawer or lying about the house.

I don't believe that simply choosing a healthy snack now and then is going to make a huge difference, of course I don't.

But I do believe - and have noticed a difference - in eight or nine times out of ten choosing something from the above as opposed to a chocolate bar. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself to a chocolate bar now and then but making the conscious effort to mostly choose something healthy will make the difference in a long run and, more importantly, put you in the right frame of mind for a healthier lifestyle.

What do you think? Are there any healthy snacks you can recommend? Let me know!

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  1. Loving your healthy snacks here. Graze snacks are good.

  2. I absolutely love Graze snacks, especially the protein options! Great post :)

    1. Thanks! Me too, I'm so glad you're able to buy them separate/in bulk now x

  3. I like Graze boxes too, they are the perfect size snack and actually offer a great value for money.

    1. I actually didn't get on with the boxes but the snacks I love x


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