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Friday, 15 July 2016

BLOGGING | Keeping on top of a blog

I am no way considered a big blogger or as someone who has an overly successful blog, but I am proud of what I do have and I'm very proud that I've managed to keep my blog running for over five years now.

It's not an easy task.

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Bearing in mind that blogging is constantly involving and growing, so many people are jumping on board every single day and it's near impossible to stand out anymore. This makes it hard to even find the motivation to blog because, well, if there's so many people out there writing about the same thing as you but they're better at it and no one is reading your content, then what's the point?

Well to begin with, the main point is that you should blog for you and not everyone else. I am a firm believer that at the end of the day, no matter how much you see your blog as a brand or a business, when it stops being fun and feels more like a chore, that's when it's time to take a step back and come back to basics.

That being said, I also beleive that when the time is right, it is helpful to start looking at ways to expand and better your blog. But this is hard, especially with working full time, having a life and, not to mention, other stuff that gets thrown up now and again.

I'm not the best person to advise anyone in terms of blogging advice because let's face it, my blog isn't the most successful out there, but there are a few tips I'd like to share anyway.

But not so much that it leaves you ripping your hair out or doesn't give you any wiggle room. It's a great idea to plan blog posts in advance and stick to a schedule, but if you usually blog on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday but something comes up on a Friday, don't beat yourself up. If you have a chance to go out and do something fun instead, go and bloody do it. You are not tied to your blog and I know everyone says it's important to keep up with a general schedule because that's what people expect of you - but do they really? Is anyone going to care that much that you don't blog on a Friday like expected? Or are they simply going to look another day instead? I do think it's a good idea to stick to a general schedule - if even because it helps me in terms of planning - but that's as far as it goes. 

If you have a free weekend to sit down and write a bunch of posts in advance - awesome, go ahead and do that. Schedule them in, but be aware that other more valuable content might come up too.

My best tip for things like this is to have a few posts saved in drafts, ones that can be posted at anytime whatsoever, such as book reviews or something like that. That way, if there's a time you're too busy to pop up a post, you can just make one of these live, instead.

Or not. Because like I said, you are not chained to your blog.

Lack of inspiration or motivation is one of the hardest things about blogging and although it again helps to have some posts saved in drafts for when this does occur, it's not ideal when you just can't get out of that funk.

I'm afraid there's not too much I can offer in terms of advice here because everyone is different. You simply can't force creativity. But what helps me is reading through other people's blogs - if something in particular stands out I'll sometimes do something similar with my own twist and, importantly, admit that I've got the idea from them and link back to them.

There's a fine line between stealing content and being inspired by it.

Sometimes I go through Bloglovin' and use the save feature on there for different ideas or blogging tips. Sometimes I just look at pretty blogs and think about what works overall. Pinterest is helpful, and sometimes it's a good idea to just sit down and think about what you've done lately. Seen a good movie? Review it. Been eating particularly healthy one week? Talk about the changes you've made to do so. 

Formidable Jpy - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Blogging | Keeping on top of a blog; Formidable Joy; Formidable Joy Blog; Blogging; Blogging Tips

Lists help a lot and as you can see, these are generally the way I get anything done. Even though I currently just use a simple list of what I want to write and note down dates beside it, there are whole guides dedicated to making 'blogging to do lists' as simple or as comprehensive as you like. I have to say, in line with scheduling, the internet is great for tools like this. Even a simple word document that can be edited easily is ideal, because you can quickly see what post is going up when and can list other things you need to do related to your blog, like remove dud links once a month or reply to comments. 

Spreadsheets are really helpful too. One I really like the look of online is this one. It's super comprehensive and great for if you're really looking at your blog long term, i.e trying to gain new followers each month and track your growth so it's great, but maybe not for someone who's new to using spreadsheets or lists.

But I think it's very easy to create your own spreadsheet to keep on top of things as that way it's easier for you to find what kind of schedule and spreadsheet works for you.

I carry one around everywhere with me and it's really useful. It's just a good idea so that you can jot down an idea on a whim and keep all your ideas in one place.

These are just some tips that may help with 'keeping on top of things' in terms of blogging, which can be tough when you work full time/have no inspiration/struggle to keep organised. But, as I said before, I do believe it's important to have a life too and see your blog as a hobby as opposed to a job.

Are there any other tips you can suggest? Let me know!

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  1. Lovely tips you got here. You definitely can't force creativity. It comes naturally.

  2. Lots of great tips here. I think its important to have good content rather than just fire out posts for the sake of it! :)

    1. That's very true, it doesn't make it easy but still it's something to remember :) x


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