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Monday, 13 June 2016

LIFESTYLE | The correct way to prepare for a music festival

Recently, I blogged about how me and my bestie prepared for Lost Village, our first ever camping music festival.

I spoke about how I didn't know what to expect, what tent we purchased and what we thought were the necessities for the weekend. Now that the festival has been and gone, however, there are definitely some things I'd like to add.

So, just the same as before, I'd still suggest things like a spacious tent, comfortable sleeping bags and an inflatable mattress. 

But here's some things that we didn't bring and really wished we had.

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Despite the warm days, it was so, SO bloody cold at night. My first night was horrible and I can still remember shivering, trying to get warm in my sleeping bag whilst my toes were ice cold. We were silly to think that the warm weather would lead to a warm night, and a tent, air mattress and sleeping bags simply didn't cut it.

The second day, we discovered we could leave the site so we made an emergency run to ASDA to purchase spare quilts and some thermal socks, plus some thicker jogging bottoms. This made a world of good by our second night and, up until 4am, I slept through soundly. 

Then I joined my best friend to sleep in the car, as people were being loud and woke me up.

The final night, we both slept in the car also because we're total losers and although the quilts made a big difference, I honestly cannot stand the cold. So therefore in future, I'd without a doubt recommend bringing a thick (the ones we bought were just basic and not so thick) quilt or blanket, even if its in the middle of summer.

As it goes, the festival next year has been pushed back so it will be warmer at the time, but even so, it doesn't hurt to bring something spare just in case. I know camping is all about giving up luxuries and you don't expect to get much sleep at a music festival, but when I could barely feel my toes on the first night, I honestly did worry for my safety (I'm a drama queen, I know).

Plus, we did have barely any sleep thanks to the partying, but when it was time to catch up on those zzz's before more partying the next day, warmth was more than necessary.

I packed so many accessories. I barely wore any of them. I do think accessories are important at a festival but I also think there's a line. I packed tons of jewellery and only really wore a bright set of bracelets throughout. Waking up to boiling hot sunshine and being hungover did not put me in the mood for spending ages on my outfit and what accessories to go with it. Hence why I suggest more subtle or long lasting accessories like glitter roots, temporary tattoos etc.

And on that note...less clothes, too. In my earlier post, I did say about choosing one outfit per day and throwing in a couple of spares but I'm an idiot who doesn't listen to myself let alone anyone else, so I just threw anything festival-like into my suitcase. This was fine - everything 'went' so to speak, and I didn't feel at a loss of what to wear, but I did pack way, way too much. In future, I will definitely stick to my earlier plan of one outfit per day and some spare things just in case like denim shorts, a playsuit and a jumper. So yeah, as many people suggest, before you go, lay out what you're planning to take and then half it all. And check the weather beforehand.

Formidable Joy - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Lifestyle | The correct way to prepare for a music festival; Formidable Joy; Formidable Joy Blog; Prep for a music festival; Lifestyle; Travel

We were wise enough to keep our valuables locked in the car, but we did hear of some people who had things stolen from their tent. It's not something you expect to happen at a music festival but, likewise, just because you're 'on holiday' or celebrating, you should still have your wits about you.

Finally, don't worry too much. Anything you forget to pack, you can get there, or borrow from other campers. We camped next to a generous couple of guys who had stuff for a BBQ, so cooked us breakfast one morning, sold us a spare bottle of vodka and generally looked after us. It's easy to get frazzled when you forget something, but your life isn't going to end just because you don't have your favourite tasty pink lemonade or your pair of sandals that go with everything.

Oh, and don't bring anything too dressy either. I brought a gorgeous dress and a matching pair of chunky heeled sandals which I'd bought specifically for the festival from ASOS and did not wear them once. Heels have NO place at a festival (I know, I should know that) and my dress actually ended up being worn by some drunken guy who thought it would be funny to try it on, seeing it hanging up in the back of the car.

So, yeah.

Festivals are all about relaxing. So, my advice, from my first ever music festival, would be to do just that. Don't overpack, stay safe, keep warm (!) and relax. No one cares about what you look like and you shouldn't either.

Have I missed off any other advice? Let me know!

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  1. Warmth at night is essential when you're camping as I find it's freezing at night even if it's warm during the day. I think lots of clothes are a good idea though incase it rains and your clothes get wet and you can't rewear them x

  2. This is a good guide. I've never been to a music festival. I do tend to overpack for trips though.

  3. We went to Download a few years ago and despite how hot it was during the day, it was freezing at night and we only had a sheet to cover us. We were freezing!

  4. Great guide! Yes heels are definitely a no go for a festival!

  5. i'd forgot to bring a portable battery charger as i was at a festival and going straight to the after party. but not using my phone made me enjoy the festival more

  6. Ugh I hate sleeping in a tent in the cold! Once I feel cold I just can't get to sleep. Your thermal socks and tracksuit bottoms sound like they were much needed!


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