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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

MONEY | How I booked a £500 Ibiza holiday for Free

I can be quite nifty when it comes to saving money, even if I do say so myself.

I'm definitely not the most thrifty out there and I'd love to have the time and patience to enter endless competitions to win holidays and the like. And I suppose, for the most part, the money I do save tends to just go on clothes/nights out/general spending anyway.

But I do pride myself on finding bargains here and there and when myself and some friends agreed to finally book a holiday to Ibiza this year, I knew I'd have to really knuckle down considering how expensive Ibiza can be.

Here's how I pretty much booked a £500 holiday to Ibiza for free.

Formidable Joy - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Money | How I booked a £500 Ibiza holiday for free; Formidable Joy; Formidable Joy Blog; Ibiza; Money Saving

There's a huge divide on whether or not to go with a package holiday or do-it-all-yourself when booking a break and both sides have very valid points. If you're willing to put in the time, effort and research to find cheaper options then it probably does work out better to book flights/hotel/everything else separately.

But when it came to Ibiza, it was actually a promotion for Together Week that sparked my interest - offering a good for value holiday. Now don't get me wrong, when the holiday was first priced at around £200 per person, I knew it wasn't actually going to be that cheap. But when me and my friends looked into it, we realized what we were saving and that for this particular holiday, a package deal was best.

Ibiza is a party island - there's no doubt about it and had we booked everything separately, we would have been shelling out tons of money for daily activities and events, club entries (most of which can be anything from up to £50 upwards). Together Week includes activities every single day and parties/club events every single night, meaning this is already paid for in bulk in advance.

In the end, the holiday cost around £500, with the standard set price of everything at £412, then around £500 once choosing adds on (airport transfers, shuttle bus to events and flights) - which, if you ask me, isn't a bad deal at all.

Although it's just a general assumption, the company we booked with released a little price comparison chart suggesting that 'doing it alone' could cost around £700 upwards per person. That's already £200 more than going through a package holiday.

Next, I thought about any money I had outstanding. Things like funds left over on People Per Hour (PPH) that I hadn't yet withdrawn, money left in my paypal and things like that. All in all, so far, this has totalled to about £488 with more to come. I had £294 to claim back from my deposit for Mexico holiday, which I've had to push back to another year, so rather then having the money sitting there when I didn't have a date for when I'd be going, I figured it would be better off going towards this holiday. My best friend owed me £75 for Lost Village Festival, as the money was coming from my account, so rather then getting her to pay me the money back I asked her to transfer it straight into the funds for the holiday.

So that was £372 put straight towards the holiday without any waiting around, except a day or so for the PPH funds to transfer across.

Next, I headed to cash back websites. Recently I've bought car insurance and upgraded to a new phone, so by the time the holiday rolls around this will be ready to withdraw giving me £119 to put towards the holiday.
It was all little things here and there, but it all added up to a lot. If you tend to try and save money quite a lot like me or you've ever used cash back websites such as Quidco or Swagbucks, I'd really recommend you spending some time to log onto each and see if you have any left over cash. A lot of these websites I tend to use throughout the year with no specific aim to spend the money, generally I'll just cash it in when I need it like at Christmas or now.

Obviously, my deposit for Mexico was quite a lot and so anyone else might not just have a holiday deposit to cash in. My point is to just sit and think about where else money might be sitting around, especially any you might have forgotten about.

Hint - If you still have a while before your holiday, it might be worth using a website like YouGov or GlobalTestMarket to earn some extra cash. A few hours put aside every Sunday could very easily earn you an extra £50-£100 spending money for your holiday.

Formidable Joy - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Money | How I booked a £500 Ibiza holiday for free; Formidable Joy; Formidable Joy Blog; Ibiza; Money Saving

And, of course, there was sitting down and actually putting some work in to earn more money. I also wanted to save some extra cash for the holiday in general as obviously I need spending money, and I'm also going to another music festival at the end of this month so I've been trying to earn as much extra cash as possible lately.

At the time of writing this post, I've earned £257, which gives me the last £12 (lol) to pay off the holiday, and a further £245 for spending money, plus whatever else I'll earn between now and then.


Please note, this post is in no way whatsoever to brag, but I'm simply showing you two sides. 1) You can easily book a holiday and, if you put your mind to it, pay for it with money from everywhere BUT your actual paycheck so extra cash etc or 2) One way you can treat yourself if you sat down and worked out all the places where you may have money lying about or have forgotten about.

Do you have lots of money lying around in different accounts that could be put towards a holiday? Let me know!

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  1. Last year we have been to Mexico. We went there over the Christmas and New Year period We had great time specially at the beach overall experience was excellent.

  2. What a great day out! The weather sounded perfect too! id review


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