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Friday, 13 May 2016

FOOD | Jamie's Italian, St Albans

Last weekend, my sister and I headed into St Albans to have a girly evening out. We hadn't really had the chance to catch up recently before then and what with her due date fast approaching, we knew Saturday nights spent going out for food and drinks (non-alcoholic for her, of course) would not come around so often anymore.

I actually really like St Albans and it's known to have a really nice vibe to it with plenty of laid-back chic bars. I've been there often shopping with my nan and, at the other end, to The Horn which is a great gig venue, but I've never really gone there for evening drinks or food.

So we made ourselves look pretty, made a pit stop at a nice laid back bar called The Peahen then carried on round to Jamie's Italian. I've always wanted to try Jamie's Italian because, well, I love Italian food and I find that unfortunately I'm not very good at making it myself.

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For me, pasta sauces are always a big no-no.

So anyway, I'm no good at describing the deco of a place but it was much like the style of his other restaurants - dark, but with plenty of soft lighting and a very rustic feel to it all.

To begin, we had a giant (and I mean giant) sharing platter between us, which was the antiplank. This included:artisan fennel salami, mortadella, prosciutto, spiced chicken-liver pâté, Cobble Lane bresaola & pork scratchings with grissini & music bread Italian nachos, mini buffalo mozzarella, aged pecorino & chilli jam, olives & pickles, grilled marinated peppers & rainbow slaw - phew!

Right now my diet is mostly vegan/veggie, allowing myself one night a week to cheat if I want to or if, like this meal, I was going out and didn't fancy the vegan option on the menu.

Basically, there was no way I wasn't going to try the meat platter that I'd heard so many good things about.

It arrived on a giant plank (so long we had to actually adjoin another table to ours to fit) and I thought it was the perfect starter. It was finger food and I always find nibbles and such to be a very social food.

I love starters too and much prefer them to desert so the giant platter was more than worth it. The only qualm I had was the price - at £10.50 per person, it just seemed that it was priced odd. Why not just add a set price as it's obvious that it's to share, anyway?

Nonetheless, it was worth what we paid.

Formidable Joy - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | Food | Jamie's Italian, St Albans; Formidable Joy; Formidable Joy Blog; Food; Foodie; Jamie Oliver; Jamie's Italian; Jamie's Italian Review; St Albans

For the main course, I had the veggie burger which was a toasted brioche bun with a herby chickpea, soya bean & six-seed patty, cottage cheese, balsamic onions, gem lettuce & tomato, served with a chopped salad.

It was LUSH but unfortunately, I did not have the chance to finish it. My eyes are bigger then my belly. What I loved was that the 'burger' aka the patty was just as big as the bun - if not, bigger, which is value for money.

I've never tried a chickpea, soya bean & six-seed patty before but the flavours worked together really well and there was a lot of flavour - basically, I didn't miss a 'proper' burger in it's place one bit. The texture reminded me a lot of a falafal too - slightly crumbly but oh-so-delicious.

I cannot for the life of me remember what my sister had but it was lush, also.

As a whole, the meal cost us around £25 each, including two courses and some drinks - and off course, in general, a nice evening out.

I suppose some people would say that's pricey compared to other places which, I guess compared to perhaps local pubs or something a bit more causal, it is. But it's the going price for a more 'classy' I guess evening out, in fact it was cheaper then I thought it would be and it was well worth the money.

I'd definitely recommend Jamie's Italian if you're ever in St Albans!

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  1. We have a Jaimies near us, and we keep saying we have to go one day, the food looks amazing, I agree it is a little pricey compared to a pub, but you are also paying for your surroundings, and I prefer eating in a restaurant than to a pub as to me that is a proper evening out x

  2. I have noticed the Jamie's Italian in Milton Keynes and often thought about going there, I wasn't sure as it seems a bit pricey compared to all the other places to eat nearby, I might actually give it a go now.

  3. There is a Jamie's near me and I keep walking by but haven't had the chance to try it. £25 is what I would normally pay, if not more, sounds perfect!

  4. I've always had a nice meal in Jamie's. I love St Albans for its great restaurants.

  5. I've never been to any of Jamies restaurants but might give it a try now, thanks.


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