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Monday, 25 April 2016

THEATRE REVIEW | Guys and Dolls

In my line of work, I'm quite lucky in that we get a lot of invites to things like theatre shows, garden events, manor house tours etc - basically, anything you'd definitely love if you were retired and travelling as a group, and most likely love no matter what age you are anyway.

I mean, I freakin' love gardens, thanks to my nan and my mum. There was once a time where I couldn't actually go to a garden centre on a weekend without bumping into my nan/aunt/sister. Once, my mum bumped into my nan in the loo at the garden centre, and we later found out my aunt had been wandering around there too.

But anyway.

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Last week I had the opportunity to head down to the West End to see Guys and Dolls! Guys and Dolls is a total classic and, actually, one I have never seen or knew anything about up until recently (I'm sorry!). So I didn't really know what to expect.

I loved it, naturally.

Guys and Dolls tells the story, of, well, guys and dolls. The main storyline focuses on two couples - Nathan Detroit and the long suffering Miss Adelaide, who puts up with her fiances gambling in the hopes that he'll turn around and one day actually marry her, and Sky Masterson and Sarah Brown, who I believe are a very early version of the 'guy takes bet to win girl over, girl doesn't know' storyline, that we know so well from teen movies such as She's All That.

Naturally, I loved Sky and Sarah's storyline. Sky was the original bad boy, but not the bad boy (*cough* f*ckboy *cough*) we know today. He's never been in love and he doesn't mess with girls heads or cheat. In fact, his bad side comes from his gambling yet he still has that overly confident blase attitude which is what seems to attract us to the bad boys in the first place.

As a character, Sarah Brown didn't really seem particularly memorable to me but I think perhaps that is the point - she is meant to come across as quiet and reserved, coming out of her shell the closer she gets to Sky.

I loved their relationship and although it wasn't groundbreakingly romantic, it was rather lovely and probably closer to true romance then what we see in movies these days.

My favourite character was without a doubt Miss Adelaide. I really felt for her, putting up with Nathan Detroit, but I loved that despite the fact that she was willing to wait for him, not once did she come across as desperate or pathetic. In this day and age, we would probably feed her the classic lines of 'he's not worth it, move on'. But she believed in true love. She waited it out, patiently and often humorously, and in the end, it was worth it.

Nathan Detroit was a bit of a typical commitaphobe, but his character was still lovable and not too annoying.

My favourite scene was without a doubt the Havana scene, where Sarah gets drunk and jealously rears it's head when a pretty exotic dancer takes a liking to Sky. Cue a funny scene where Sarah tries to fight said girl - as another dancer tries to get Sarah - Sky tries to warn off the dancer's advantages whilst keeping an eye on Sarah, and lots of upbeat dancing in the process.

There was so much to watch and laugh at.

I also liked the upbeat and final dance number, Sit down, You're rocking the boat. The audience loved it so much and clapped for so long that one of the poor characters, Nicely-Nicely Johnson wavered from his stance high on a chair. He checked his watch. We clapped more. He wiped sweat from his forehead. We laughed and continued to clap.

It was a unique interactive moment in the show which I loved.

All in all, I found Guys and Dolls was a total classic - it was romantic, endearing and definitely now a firm favourite musical for me.

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  1. I've not see nthis before but it sounds great! I love a good musical

  2. I love going to the theatre and love musicals, sounds like you had a great time x


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