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Thursday, 21 April 2016

LIFESTYLE | April Wishlist

I have had an epiphany.

Sharing wishlist's on my blog isn't just a way to share new content or show what I'm lusting after this month. Putting together a short wishlist can help me budget and make sure when I'm cracking down on saving (which I am, lately) I still treat myself at the end of the month - within reason. It can be a little treat to myself after sticking to a weekly budget and then rather then going over the top on a big shopping spree so all my hard work has gone down the drain, by looking for things throughout the month I can see if I still actually really want them by the time payday arrives. If I do, I can then treat myself to just one or two things.

Smart thinking, right?!

Anyway. Here's what I've been lusting after this month.

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Firstly, is this gorgeous Spring Box Of Lame from my favourite new brand, That Lame Company (who actually aren't that lame at all). They fulfil my crack-like-addiction to stationary, or at least will, as I can see into the future and my future tells me that I'll be buying from this company a lot. I love their little motto's and such, and the spring box just has a bit of everything really, including cute post-it notes and notebooks. I likely don't need anymore stationary, but to be honest, can a girl ever have enough stationary?

Up next is this edgy but classy elephant plate from H&M. I've been thinking a lot lately about slowly researching into buying my own place aka moving out (it's time) and so home stuff has been on my radar this month. It's way too early to be thinking about that type of thing (aka the fun part which is furnishing and buying cute accessories) but I'll definitely be popping this in my shopping basket for a later date.

Another definitely-not-lame product from That Lame Company (did I mention how much I love them after discovering the website just yesterday?!) is this nice little iPhone case, which is much needed now that I have a new phone. Not much else to say really, except the design is really sweet and stylish without being too 'in-your-face'.

I swear I don''t want this book just because of the cover. Even if it's super cute. This book is described as being the book for those who think Eat, Pray, Love was way too mainstream, but still want a fix of romance and Italian lushness. It tells the story of four different English ladies who hire a castle on the Italian Rivera, to escape their very different lives. Emerald Street recommends it, so it must be good. Plus, yes, the cover is super cute.

Finally, THIS TOP. This top is perfect for me as I've been relying on zombie apocalypse-esque apps to help push me in my fitness lately and it's working - I finally feel like I'm starting to find a balance of eating 75% healthy and doing some sort of exercise. I mean, I still spend most of my week sat on my arse watching Netflix. But I try to work out at least three times a week now, so, this top would help and look awesome.

So there you have it - my little April wishlist. What products do you think I should treat myself to on payday? Let me know!
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  1. I love elephants so I love that plate! I'm also heading over to the lame company now because I love that stationary and what to check out more, so thank you! haha :D

  2. I love the top such a great slogan! I think wishlists are great for budgetting too and working out exactly what you want x

  3. I love lists and I would definitely go for 'I should have done this yesterday'. A lot of the time, I should have done stuff last month!


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