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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

GUEST POST | Being a bridesmaid in 2016

Guest post by Rosie Watts.

Formidable Joy - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog | Guest Post | Being a bridesmaid in 2016
The classic saying ‘always the bridesmaid, never the bride’ makes being a bridesmaid seem like a negative. Chances are, many of you have had that excitable phone call from a friend; she’s calling from the other side of the world and doesn’t care for the large time gap between the two of you. She’s ringing because she’s got the most incredible news - she got engaged last night beside the pool of her swanky hotel after years of waiting patiently. As you process the news, rubbing your head and wiping your tired eyes, your first thought is ‘oh my goodness, here we go again’. After your beloved friend is asked one question and ecstatically says yes, you will soon be asked another – and with that question comes responsibility. You’ll soon be playing a huge role in your loved one’s special day. Of course you are over the moon and love nothing more than a chance to dress up and organise parties. But you can’t help but see your summer quickly fill up with a full agenda along with the copious amounts of cash withdrawing from your bank account.

It’s not all tears and tantrums though, there are plenty of tips and tricks for ensuring the process is both fun, fair and purse friendly. We all want to support those closest to us and undoubtedly you’ll go through the motions. You’ll be by your friend throughout the very highs and lows of wedding planning. You’ll see her wedding day jitters and hold her hand when the nervous smile kicks in.

The absolute honour of being by her side as she says those oh so important vows is the greatest privilege a friend can have. So follow these top fashion tips and you will look and feel the part of bridesmaid to your friend. To get you excited and ready for your duties, 2016 offers a whole new stance on playful and delicate bridesmaid trends.

Formidable Joy - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog | Guest Post | Being a bridesmaid in 2016
Bridesmaid dresses are fast becoming more modern and fashion-forward in their design, shadowing what we see on the runway. This means they’re no longer a ‘one off’ wear - if you needed or wanted to re-wear it after the big day, you can.

Strapless dresses allow you to show off just the right amount of skin without feeling like you’re over doing it. Traditionally, the strapless dress is a go-to choice for both brides and bridesmaids. However, they can lack sufficient support. Say hello to the one shoulder dress. This style works perfectly for a varied female figure and the elegant and classic look is the perfect compromise for those wary of braving no straps.

Formidable Joy - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog | Guest Post | Being a bridesmaid in 2016
Otherwise known as the ‘tea dress’ - falling just below the knee and brushing the lower calf. This fun and feminine style is making a big appearance for bridesmaids in 2016. The relaxed, semi-formal dress is making a comeback from the 40s and you can find ones in both new and retro designs. This is perfect if you want vintage bridesmaid dresses for your vintage-chic wedding (a trend predicted to grow even more in 2016). The nature of this style allows for movement and texture. They’re typically found in airy fabrics such as tulle or chiffon, which gives the cutest tutu effect.

Last summer saw the revival of bohemian inspired headbands and I’m confident they are going nowhere for summer 2016. They are so versatile and suit a multitude of different outfits and occasions, weddings certainly being one of them. Find a simple shimmering gold headband to suit your retro inspired tea dress and you’ll be fit for the trendiest wedding of the season.

2016 and is all about being comfortable and confident. Less is more and simple is certainly the new sophisticated. Break away from tradition and know that there are many options available for a modern day wedding. Traditional is no longer a must. Embrace your bridesmaid duties and indulge in all things fashion and beauty. Louise recently wrote about her experience at the fabulous Derma Spa - I’m thinking ‘hen party heaven’! Treat yourself ladies, you deserve it.

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