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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

LIFESTYLE | Hello March

As if it's March already! It's around about the time where the evenings are slowly beginning to get lighter, the days are starting to get sunnier (but stay just as cold, meaning the sunshine is deceiving and we end up faced with frost rather then warmth), and the novelty of a 'new year' is starting to wear off.

Most of us are stuck in a rut right now - summer holidays are so far away, Christmas seems like it was just yesterday and everything just feels a bit 'meh'. As tempting as it is however to just get your head down, work hard and hibernate until we get on to the better parts of the year, I've put together a little list of things to look forward to this March...

Formidable Joy - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | Lifestyle | Hello March | March events in London & what's on - Drive In Film Club, Asking Alexandria; Not Another Bunch of Flowers,

Six Four by Hideo Yokoyama is a crime mystery novel about two parents dealing with the missing case of their daughter, and the investigation that follows. This is the authors sixth novel, but first of which to be translated to English and from the reviews surrounding it, it's a heavy read. The story incorporates Japan's politics, police and society too which I think means it'll be a real eye opener. Stuff like this admittedly fascinates me - the investigations behind missing cases (think Madeleine McCann's unsolved case) so I think it'll be really interesting to read about something that takes place elsewhere. This certainly isn't an easy read - not so much the book to take on a summer holiday - but with the rising interest into the insights of crime investigations, chances are it'll be hugely popular. If you found yourself addicted to Making a Murderer, this might be worth a read.

11th March will see the release of 10 Cloverfield Lane. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. As a self confessed fangirl of Cloverfield and J. J. Abrams, I'm super excited to get the next instalment. This film isn't a direct sequel of Cloverfield - more so a 'blood relative' (as J. J. Abrams explains) but that's good enough for me. Not much is known about the film just yet (in the same typical fashion behind the marketing of Cloverfield) but the trailer is really good and brings up a lot of questions I'm desperate to know the answers for.

There's new material from some of the classics released this month - Iggy Pop, The Coral, Primal Scream and even not-classics-but-worth-a-mention-anyway Asking Alexandria. However, one album I'm digging is Alligator Tears by The Downtown Fiction. Okay, so it was released a few days ago, but I've only really had the chance to preview it now and with nothing else I'm looking forward to this month, it'll have to do (ssh!). The band have taken on a much more edgier sound for this seven track album - it's definitely very different from their earlier pop-punk and almost emo stuff - but I am digging it. It's very cool. I'm particularly loving the tracks Let's Fade Away and Hepburn Shades. Alligator Tears is well worth a listen if you're looking for some grown up rocker vibes.

Formidable Joy - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | Lifestyle | Hello March | March events in London & what's on - Drive In Film Club, Asking Alexandria; Not Another Bunch of Flowers;
Image courtesy of Experience Cinema

On 10th March, the awesome Drive-In Film Club returns to Alexandra Palace for another season of vintage American cinema viewings, at an actual real life drive in. Yep, I didn't know they existed either. Including food being served to your car window - by staff on roller skates! - this season is set to be hugely popular. Drive-In Film Club is by the same team behind Rooftop Film Club, and the event kicks off with a Grease sing-a-long. Entry cost just £22 per car (so if four people can fit in your car, that's a mere £5.50 each) and other favourites showing include Labyrinth, The Notebook and Pulp Fiction, as well as more recent films such as The Martian.

With blogs publishing Mothers Day gift guides left, right and centre, I thought it couldn't hurt to give you all a gentle reminder that flowers aren't always a suitable gift, especially for those suffering from cancer. This Mothers Day will be a tough one for me and I wish last Mothers Day I knew about Not Another Bunch Of Flowers. This website features alternative gifts for people who are suffering from cancer as, not many people realize but flowers can be impractical and some hospitals don't even allow them. You can read the lady's story here -  but to make a long story short, the lady behind this website has set up a fab guide of what you can buy that's more suitable and why. It's ever so thoughtful and I wish I'd known about it before last Mother's Day.

What are you looking forward to this month? Let me know with a comment!

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  1. Great recommendations here! I'm off to check out Alligator Tears :)


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