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Monday, 7 March 2016

BLOGGING | Five years of blogging

In line with my new blog design, I also announced that I'd been blogging for five years now which is crazy. 

I mentioned in my 'confession' post beforehand, how I'd considered giving up blogging and that it was then realisation that I'd kept it up on a regular basis (more or less) for five whole years that stopped me.

Formidable Joy - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | Blogging | Five years of blogging; Formidable Joy; Formidable Joy Blog; Blogging; Five Years;
To celebrate me blogging for five years, here's a photo of me hugging a tree at Warwick Castle. In this case, the tree is my blog.

Five years is a long time and I'm beyond proud that my little blog has lasted that long. It may not be the biggest or most popular. My photos still stuck sometimes and my content isn't always up to par - although I am trying to change this - but it's still lasted this long.

So after reading this lovely post by Amanda celebrating her five years of blogging, I thought it might be a nice idea if I did something similar, to reflect on the past five years.

It helps that I've never really deleted any of my posts, not even the super embarrassing ones from when I first began blogging, as I think it's nice to see my progress I guess. It can be a little daunting knowing there's some not-so-flattering outfit posts in the archives if you look hard enough, but I guess that's a risk I'm willing to take..

So, with full idea due to Amanda, here's some of my favourite posts from the past five years.

I like this post because it paved the way for more London based posts, something I wasn't too sure about doing originally as obviously not all my readers live in or near London. But I've gone on to feature London based events quite a lot since then and this post was a nice way to start that. It's good because I'm forever stumbling across cool things to do in London so it seemed silly not to blog about them.

This cute little post is just sharing the music I listen to when I run with my Zombies, Run! App, another thing I enjoyed writing about.

I haven't written a lot of music posts - this is something I'd like to feature more of in the future - and the reviews I have done aren't very good. But my review of The Maine's American Candy album is one I'm particularly proud of.

Although looking back on this post now makes me realize how messy it is and how I'd like to do an updated version, I do like this post because I think it's so helpful and something I was ever so passionate about when starting the blog - which was inspiring people and helping them with even small stuff like grabbing a bargain here and there or saving money. So I really like the subject and content of this post, if not how it's written overall!

Formidable Joy - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | Blogging | Five years of blogging; Formidable Joy; Formidable Joy Blog; Blogging; Five Years; Bruges
I enjoyed writing about my long weekend in Bruges, which was a beautiful city.

I haven't been to many places, but there's a few travel posts I'm particularly proud of overall. These include my favourite South East seasonal adventures post, and underrated getaways in the UK for Valentines Day. Some of my most favourite though are visits to Bruges and Amsterdam, which again are good memories for me as well as favourite content. Oh, and I also like this little suggestion post of cool UK music festivals people should be going to this year.

I really enjoyed blogging about this adventure with me and my friends, and not just because I enjoy reading back and reliving all the memories. I felt like I produced some really great content from it - not as much as I'd like to have done (remember when I said I'd do an outfit post for each day?!) but more so than I feel most people do when they go away. For example, I included a playlist post, an Edinburgh at a glance post, as that was my favourite place I visited on the tour, as well as a couple of overall lifestyle posts.

And although it wasn't featured on the blog, I set up a Tumblr for the tour and spent ages working out a way to make sure all our updates featured on it. I'm not just talking about twitter - I went full on behind-the-scenes-feel-like-your-along-for-the-ride shit. I made it so our Foursquare, Instagram and Facebook statuses all posted without prompting, each with specific tags on Tumblr too. I went full on geek, but thought it was a great idea to keep other fans informed with what we were up to.

I mean, when I think about all the bands that tour around the US that I don't have to see, I really wish someone would do something like that and post not just reviews of the gigs, but cool stuff like 'Hey, we just spotted this band member here and had a chat about this subject' or 'today's road trip from here to here has consisted of a singalong to this particular playlist' etc. And as it goes, we got loads of lovely comments where people had mentioned they loved our updates as they weren't on the tour themselves.

And, also, the whole tour was a hell of a lot of fun and something I'll tell my grand kids one day (if I have any).

And finally, I'm quite proud of my monthly roundups - or introductory monthly posts, depending on which way you want to look at it, which talk about what's new each month. Again, this is probably a feature I like more for the fact that I enjoy writing it, as opposed to how my readers like it, as it can be quite broad and varied. The music I mention, for example, tends to be rock music, which not everyone enjoys. But some of my favourite ones I've done so far include June 2012 (where I recommend swotting up on a zombie survival plan), September 2013 (where I openly admit how bad I am at giving fashion advice) and October 2013 just cause.

So there's just a few of my favourite posts over the years, the ones that have done me proud whether it's in terms of writing, content ideas, style or just because they brings back good memories. I think it's important to read back over your blog every now and then, to see how you've progressed and maybe even to give you more ideas in future.

Do you have any posts that you're particularly proud of? Let me know!

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  1. Wow! Five years is a long time and i bet you have done really great! I bet you have also learnt so much. I've learnt tons since i started 14 months ago and it's something I love.

    1. Thank you! Yeah I think you do learn a lot about blogging, definitely some things other people don't understand x

  2. Oh wow, 5 years is an amazing time to have blogged, really well done x

  3. Congratulations on completing 5 years of blogging. You are obviously doing the right things .Wishing you lots more happy blogging years ahead.

    1. Thank you! I'm really happy you said I'm doing the right things because sometimes I do worry, haha!

  4. Congrats on blogging for 5 years. Good luck with it all.

  5. Happy Blog Anniversary! I have been blogging for nearly 5 years too, and it's amazing what can happen from blogging.

    1. Thank you! I definitely agree, it's weird to think how much can come out of it all x

  6. Congratulations on five years of blogging. I've been blogging six years now, it's crazy how fast time flies.

    1. I hope I'm still blogging in a years time to reach six years! And yes, it definitely is! x

  7. My Blogs only 2 months old. So I have a way to go for that 5 year mark! So far Ive enjoyed Lily getting to be a taste tester and writing about her food. Also I loved writing about my day at the babyshow. :)
    I think I will look back and love reading some of the milestones Lily has reached.

    1. Keep at it! The beginning can almost be the hardest but it sounds like you're doing well so far :) Good luck :) x


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