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Monday, 1 February 2016

LIFESTYLE | Hello February

Can you believe that it's February already?! That's absolutely crazy, it seems like just yesterday we were stressing about the run up for Christmas and New Year has gone by in a blink of an eye...How many of you are still sticking to your New Years resolutions?

One thing I'm MOST looking forward to this month is pizza tonight #sorrynotsorry. But here's what else is on the agenda for February...

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The Girl From Everywhere is the story of sixteen year old Nix Song, who time travels around the world with her father on a pirate ship called The Temptation. The catch is that the old maps only allow them to travel somewhere once, and with her father set on visiting one place back when Nix was unborn but her mother still alive, Nix obviously doesn't want to help. But when she's faced with an ultimatum - help her father, or lose her best friend/first love (I'm shipping them already), that's when things really start to get interesting.

To me, this book sounds like a story based in the same magical land of Star Dust and I think, although time travel isn't specifically a unique idea, this story is. It sounds like it's filled with adventure, teenage lust (maybe?) but more importantly, the bond between Nix and her father. It's released on the16th Feb and I can't wait.

Deadpool or Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? It's a tough choice. Lets put it this way - a trip to the cinema to see Deadpool on the 10th will certainly get you in your boys good books, whereas Pride and Prejudice and Zombies released on the 11th is a worthy choice for girls night out (even though the zombie element means guys wont mind being dragged along either). Pride and Predjudice and Zombies needs no explanation (it's pretty obvious what it's about) but heres the lowdown on Deadpool anyway, just in case, y'know, you want to impress with your superhero knowledge. Up until now, Deadpool was the only Marvel Comics character to not have his own movie. He appeared briefly in one of the X-Men instalments and this film is considered to be the eighth film the series. It also stars Ryan Reynolds as the anti-hero but absolutely hilarious lead role. Ryan Reynolds with no Hugh Jackman? I think I can live with that...

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Photography copyright: Breaking Point Flix

Another month, another amazing pop up event/bar/foodie place. This time around it's Django Bango, a Wild Wild West (okay, a Wild West, but I can't help but sing the song every time I think about it) pop up, bringing drinking, dancing and eating into a makeshift cowboy themed town, complete with a saloon bar and all. Personally, me and my friends are hoping they have those swinging saloon bar doors, but overall I'm hoping it'll be a nice chilled vibe. Rapping along to wiki-wiki-wild-wild-west is optional...

Simple Plan's new album, Taking One For The Team will finally be released on 19th February and I really cannot wait. So I haven't heard a single song from it - in fact the last 'new' song I heard of theirs (and which is still often my guilty pleasure to this day) is Summer Paradise which was released back in 2011 - whoa, that's a long time ago now. But I have always had a soft spot for this Canadian rock band, who's ever known song I'm Just A Kid was the soundtrack to my teenage angst years. I don't know what to expect, but I do know it will be awesome.

Well we all know what February 14th is, but just because some couples are all loved up, doesn't mean you have to be miserable. Single pringles can have tons of fun in London this month at a variety of anti-Valentines events and, to be honest, just cool events in general that fall on that weekend. There's my faves Regression Sessions throwing a Valentine's day themed night out, with all the usual ballpit-and-space-hopper-fun but with extra awesome activities thrown in, a Bloody Valentine's Cabin with York & Albany (think lots of hate towards the holiday but just as much yummy food) and a Boozy Bottomless Brunch Love In, for when it's time to soothe that hangover.

Because let's face it - single or not, the best way to spend Valentine's weekend is drunk off your t*ts and gorging on food..

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