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Friday, 26 February 2016

LIFESTYLE | Django Bango pop up

Last Friday, a friend and I managed to get ourselves tickets for Django Bango, the awesome wild west themed pop up bar in London.

Photography copyright: Breaking Point Flix

I was very excited because I love anything pop up and contemporary/new/very 'in' and I love everything that's themed too. Choosing our outfits was simple - I just wore a chequered top I'd bought recently off of Vinted, jeans, my boots and a cape that my brother always tells me makes me look like Clint Eastwood (cheers bro).

The venue itself was easy to find and get to, but upon approaching, we weren't too sure. It required walking down a near empty street into, well, what looked like a warehouse in a dodgy looking car park. But we persevered. We know from past experience that the coolest things are usually found in the weirdest places, so we ducked inside, ushered through the vintage games arcade and found ourselves in the wild west.

They'd really paid attention to detail. With mini bars and 'barns/houses' throughout (that could be rented for the evening), we quickly explored. We were delighted to know if we checked in online (which we always do regardless) we'd get a free shot, so we redeemed our delicious Cactus Shot (Amaretto, Tequila, Apple, Lime), ordered a bunch of food (hot roast burger with these cool hard garlicky things - lolz - and cowboy nachos - omigod I'm drooling at the thought of it all, it was all so delicious) and went in search of somewhere to sit down.

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My only qualm here was that although you could book and reserve rooms for you and your friends, this was mainly for larger groups (small groups and even couples could book rooms, but it works out cheaper having a bigger group obviously as you can split the cost, as there was just two of us it seemed pointless) meaning that for the smaller groups it was hard to find somewhere to sit. There were a few public areas which we later found, but it might have been nice to have somewhere right by where the food was for ease. We ended up ducking into a house and sitting at what may or may have not been a reserved table - who knows.

Despite this though, it did make it easier to meet new people and get talking, so perhaps this is a good thing.

What I loved about Django Bango was the attention to detail and how much was going on - as well as a food court and two bars, there were also games you could play, people walking around in character and even this awesome all-female band who played some really cool covers. Everyone was up and dancing and it was a lovely atmosphere.

Formidable Joy - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | Lifestyle | Django Bango pop up; Formidable Joy; Formidable Joy Blog; Django Bango; Pop up bar; London
 We got a bit photo happy with all the arrows and such...and please excuse my shiny face, I'd just been for a facial that morning!

The people walking round in character were hilarious, at one point my friend and I were sitting on some hay bales and she took a photo of me, only for the saloon window doors behind her to swing open and two cowboys make us jump out of our skin, before telling her not to take a photo as I was so scared I'd probably sh*t my pants, HA. They were very funny, it was nice to have characters come round and engage you in conversation.

With so much going on, we were worried we'd miss half of it! But overall it was the perfect Friday night - kicking back with some friends and exploring and relaxing in this alternative setting. Everyone really made an effort to dress up too (so many fake moustaches) and the band were a lovely touch, turning the venue from a laid back quirky bar into a more upbeat almost-night-out.

Very fun, and something I'd no doubt return to if running again (or before it stops running at the beginning of April).

What do you think? Will you be making a visit to Django Bango before it's over? Let me know!

Django Bango | For the Good, The Bad and The Hungry

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