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Sunday, 3 January 2016

HEALTH & FOOD | Veganuary Blogger Challenge 2016

This January, I'm not really taking on many' new years resolutions' as such. Like with past years, I've just generally seen in the new year with hopes and aims to genuinely be more happy and healthy.

I think, in the past year, I've achieved some of these aims to a certain extent. I've certainly began to eat more healthy, more recently swapping happy meals for homemade salads and wraps, and I've tried to keep active too.

But since there's always room for improvement, I've decided to take on the Veganuary Blogger Challenge 2016.

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Yes, I'm surprised as you are.

I'm not going to lie - it's definitely going to be tough.

I love meat. I'm not a very good cook at all - I'm not experimental and I don't know much about food at all. Obviously I know salad is always going to be healthier then a big mac, but as a whole, I don't know what foods are good for you or why.

Which is exactly why I've decided to take on this challenge. I want to push myself and I think this challenge will benefit in more ways than I can think. It'll get me thinking outside of the box in terms of food and cooking, and will teach me about what it really means to be more green and certainly more kinder to animals. 

And with the fact that I recently turned 26 and am now fast approaching 30 *gulp*, it's definitely time to start looking after my body more.

Becoming vegetarian is something I've looked into in the past but have never quite managed because I know how much I love meat. I suppose I've always been kind of ignorant in that sense - I love animals and hate the thought of them being killed to feed us, so I never really thought about where our meat comes from.

Taking on this opportunity is the perfect way to give me a head start and to challenge myself.

The campaign is supported by stand-up comedian Romesh Ranganathan, who mentioned: "The reasons I think you should become vegan for a month are: you're not eating animals, you're not harming animals, so that's great, your energy levels are gonna go up, you're gonna be more healthy, and you get to be more like this total legend right here. What's stopping you mate?"

I'm not too sure about wanting to be more like him, but he has summed up some reasons to as of why Veganuary 2016 is a good idea.

There are tons of other benefits too, most of which I'll go into more detail about in another post.

So for the next 31 days (well 28 at the time of this post going live), my lifestyle will be changing drastically. I'll be giving up many, many foods and pushing myself to experiment more in the kitchen. And I'll be broadening my mind along the way too.

Wish me luck!

And if any of you guys are interested in taking on this challenge, you'll find a helpful vegan starter kit, complete with recipes and a guides to reading labels, stocking up on vegan products and lots of other useful information.

You can also find me on

*This exciting challenge is in collaboration with Veganuary 2016 at 



  1. I've never thought about going vegan but kudos to you! I think I'm going to cut out dairy though as it's definitely an irritant for me, let us know how the challenge goes! Xx

    1. Thanks! Yeah, oddly enough I've felt less bloated with less dairy too so I definitely think that's helped! xx

  2. Good luck! It will probably be difficult at first but after the month you may not fancy meat any more. I'm a vegetarian and I stopped eating red meat after I had a 6 week detox and couldn't stand the taste after it had left my system! X


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