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Friday, 15 January 2016

VEGANUARY 2016 | Week Two

Week two of Veganuary is officially complete! Yay! This week I've only experimented a little bit more with my cooking, but it was something tougher then just something thrown on toast for example. I found my weekly shop a LOT easier this time around too because I now know what was nice and worth making again, and of course it was all done online...

On the last day of the working week, I barely had anything. I threw together a quick salad for lunch and then I think because I was so tired from not being used to my early mornings again - I came home from work and went straight to bed! I only intended to have a nap but next thing I know, I was waking up at 6am the following not much to report here!

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Today I had a bit of a lazy day then made homemade tomato soup which was lush! It was a lot easier to make then I thought it would be and was rather filling. As a bonus, using a blender made the whole thing seem a lot complicated then it actually was, so it made me look like a good cook!

Throughout the days I've found myself snacking on my Nakd treats which have been rather yummy, so I had some of them for supper.

On Sunday I went to a vegetarian cafe with my brother, as blogged about here! I was a tad peckish later that evening too and as I was making lunch for the following day, decided to use up the remainder of the tiger baguette my dad had picked up from Tesco, so I made myself bruschetta. I was quite pleased with my efforts and didn't even really use a recipe - I'd been making garlic butter throughout the week so quickly made some of that and spread it onto the bread, before chopping up some onions and tomato's. I think that's the first ever time I've thrown something together without consulting a recipe first, just using what I know and what I had in the cupboard!

Formidable Joy - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | Veganuary 2016 | Week Two; Formidable Joy; Formidable; Veganuary; Veganuary 2016; Health; Food

Today I had the remainder of my soup for work and some brownies myself and my sister made on Saturday when she popped round. It was a nice change having something hot for lunch. I've struggled to think of hot lunches for work anyway, let alone ideas that are also vegan. So this was a nice change and the soup was still yummy, especially as I had some lovely crusty french stick with it!

For dinner I had stirfy again, this time with vegetable rolls. So delicious!

Tuesday was another simple day. For lunch, I had a cheese and onion sandwich which was rather bland as I used vegan bread (I don't know why since it turns out I can have most 'normal' breads) which was so very thin, and then the cheese wasn't very tasty either. Along with this I just had some fruit and some of my Nakd snacks.

We had our hairdresser round that evening so dinner was rather quick, which was an attempt of mushrooms on toast. I love mushrooms but I didn't flavour them very well and the recipe I used told me to fry/toast the bread in a pan - I'm not sure if it's the bread I used or the method but that just tasted weird. It did fill me up, but overall Tuesday wasn't really a great day for food!

Lunch today was my attempt of a falafel salad which was nice, but the dressing not so much. I tried to create a lemon hummus dressing I'd found a recipe for online and although it was tasty, it didn't go right with the salad.

Today's dinner, as you all know, was my disastrous attempt of a pizza! You can read about this here! (please don't, ha.)

Two weeks today! On Thursday I was officially half way through my Vegan challenge and I'm so, so pleased I've stuck to it. Although parts have been hard, it's gotten a lot easier as I've gone on!

Today's lunch was a takeout salad from Tesco, a falafel salad (the one I tried to recreate the day before as it goes) that I used to have quite a bit in my old job. I had glanced at it last time I went shopping but didn't think it was suitable for vegans. It was only when I had another look this week that I realised it was only really the sauce that wasn't suitable for me, and this was in a pot anyway so I just removed this and took a lemon into work with me to drizzle over it. Using my initiative! Dinner was stir fry again, simple but tasty.

Despite making a meal plan, I haven't really stuck to it - I have stuck to the meal ideas for the most parts, but not for the days I planned them for. This isn't so bad since I didn't really buy much stuff that could run out of date or be wasted, but still.

Dinner today was stirfry. I'm sorry. I keep going back to this damn tasty meal...

Tomorrow I'm cooking dinner for some friends for a number of different reasons. First of all, I'm feeling a bit more confident in my cooking and want to try it out on someone else. Secondly, we've just booked a big holiday to Ibiza in the summer, so nights in to stop us spending money are a must! I may attempt the pizza again, watch this space! 

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