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Thursday, 21 January 2016

VEGANUARY 2016 | Week Three

For this week, I didn't really feel like I needed to do a weekly shop, as some of my meal plans from last week I'd skipped out on and I still had a lot in the cupboards. So my food diary is kind of bland and varied this week I'm afraid!

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Today for lunch I just threw together a light salad, as I knew I'd be having a somewhat filling dinner that night. I decided to make dinner for my friends and although the kitchen was a tip afterwards, it just about managed to be a success. For starters we had stuffed mushrooms, and for main, homemade vegan pizza, homemade onion rings (which didn't have much flavour) and pizza express doughballs with my own vegan substituted butter. Afters was vegan ice cream bought by a friend!

Now, looking back afterwards, I've noticed that doughballs (in the restaurant, anyway) list milk/dairy as an ingredient, but the ones from Tesco do not. I think had I checked this before hand, I wouldn't have risked it. I'd checked the ingredients for the ones I bought from Tesco, but never thought to check with Pizza Express directly. I mean, essentially it's the same doughballs by the same company, right?

But I went by the ingredients of the ones I used so hopefully I should be okay.

Dinner was nice overall. It was lovely to cook for friends, an actual challenge for me, and definitely nice doing something different to going out and getting drunk.

Today, after a lovely lie in, I attempted mushrooms on toast again, this time using the actual toaster for the bread. Success! It was really nice!

For dinner, I headed into town with a friend for dinner and a few drinks, and had a vegetable curry at The Whitehouse. This was lovely, bar a bit spicy, and it was definitely nice to go back to a comfort food.

TODAY I WAS SO HUNGOVER. It was horrible. Somehow, a couple of glasses of wine the previous night turned into, er, well, more like a few bottles. I'm really not liking the whole drinking thing so much lately. It's really lovely when it's sociable, but I hate drinking too much, making a fool of myself and spending all day hungover. I'm getting too old for this.

When I finally found my stomach settled enough to eat, I made a delicious creamy, mushroomy kind of pasta thing, but by the time I'd had two bites I was full up. NO FAIR. I'll definitely try making it again though...

I'd thrown some fresh tomato and basil pasta together the previous night for lunch today but found myself too tired to make the sauce. Alas, lunch was filling but rather bland.

On Sunday, my nan had come round to make a vegetable curry with me so this was my dinner tonight, with plain rice and a plain naan too. This was super filling and yummy and I must remember to grab the recipe from her so that I can make it again.   

I went back to a boring lunch today, a cheese and onion sandwich and a packet of crisps.  But for dinner I made mushroom risotto which was super yummy and again, a new recipe for me! And...that's about it for Tuesday!

Formidable Joy - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | Veganuary 2016 | Week Three; Formidable Joy; Formidable; Formidable Joy Blog; Veganuary; Veganuary 2016; Vegan; Food; Health

Today for lunch I had risotto left over from yesterday, which was a nice, filling and warm lunch. Lately, I've becoming a bit more forward planning with my food, thinking about what things can be made easily or perhaps other recipes that are less basic but that I can make enough of to last me for lunch the next day.

Is this what being an adult is?!

The past few days I've skipped breakfast because I just haven't had the energy to try something new (not that I had anything in the cupboards anyway) and jam on toast was getting a bit repetitive.

I think again, the hardest part has been breakfast. Personally, I haven't found much variety for breakfasts and none that can be put together anyway - I never leave myself enough time in the morning for anything but a quick bite of toast. However, I think this is a lesson I'll be taking with me once this month is over - having more of a variety of breakfast and making sure I get up early enough to sit down and eat it properly to start my day off right.

Health wise, I haven't felt a massive improvement other then the sense that some days I look in the mirror and think my tummy is a tad more flat/my waist a bit more defined. This didn't happen a lot beforehand but likewise there's been a couple of days when I've felt I looked a bit thinner the day before and less so the following day.

It might be my imagination but I do think perhaps it's been where I've been having energy drinks or packets of crisps - my best friend had commented that since started this all, I looked less bloated (as opposed to losing weight). I didn't even think I got bloated, but that would mean a lot in all honesty.

It makes sense that the fatty foods that aren't so bad for me didn't necessarily make me put on a lot of weight, but the bloating may be the answer to why I used to notice a subtle difference on a day to day basis.

Hmm. Food for thought - and definitely motivation to stick at it all.

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