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Tuesday, 15 December 2015


I wasn't really sure of the best way to name this post.

At first I was going to call it five ways to become more cultured but I don't think really think the stuff I've mentioned necessarily makes you cultured. 

I just think this post is a little suggestion on how to be more on the ball, so to speak. How to use your time more wisely when you're on your commute home, when you choose to play games or browse social media instead of broadening your mind.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with that, but I think it's important to train or inspire your brain at least a little once a day. Here's how I do it...

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | Lifestyle | Five ways to broaden your mind; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Online

Now, hear me out. Snapchat might be renowned for selfie's and dick picks but if you've ever decided to venture past your friends list, you might already know it's also great for knowing what's going on around the world. Want to travel? Find out how different cultures celebrate different holidays and traditions around the world, catching snippets from their everyday lives and where they live.

The discover tab in particular is fab for catching up with whats going on around the world before bed or during your morning commute. Companies such as Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, Sky News, MTV and Mail Online have their own profiles on here and updated them daily. True, some of it's stuff you'd probably read when bored at work and scrolling through Facebook anyway, but at least you won't get told off for doing this in your own time.

They're kind of like bite sized blog posts. Cosmopolitan has fab little animations you can share with your friends on snapchat, and Buzzfeed includes lots of behind the scenes things as well as touching upon news you wouldn't necessarily see on the news. It's a lot dess daunting this way too as it's easy to read - it's immersive and doesn't bug you down with long words and complicated sentences. So, in a way, I use it as a useful way to swot up on what's going on in the world before bed.

Yes, Facebook. Just yesterday I found out about a really interesting exhibit (geek, I know) I could cover at work. So it might be trying to be like Twitter with it's 'what's trending' but lets face it, even though it's not always entirely reliable, social media is a good source for news because it's just so instant. But obviously, make sure you double check your sources because with social media, people will often just want to post something ASAP without checking the facts.

Spend ten minutes each day playing on some fun little app that's educational as well as entertaining - I tend to use Duolingo and find it's so much easier then simply reading words back to myself as the app also has little games to help you learn too. 

In regards to training your brain, there's tons of apps available to download for free which can 'train' your mind on various different subjects. Some tackle maths, some specifically help improve your memory and some are just cover general subjects. 

Setting aside just ten minutes a day might not feel like you're getting very far, but that's almost an hour a week and it all adds up.

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | Lifestyle | Five ways to broaden your mind; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Online; Queen of Hoxton
My sister and I recently took a wreath making workshop in London!

Before you scream in terror at the idea of going back to school again (because that's precisely what I think about when someone mentions the word workshop to me) - never fear. Adult workshops have nothing to do with school days and most of them offer free tea or cocktails alongside them.

Workshops are great for learning a new craft or skill whilst socialising and doing something a bit different. London is particularly great as there is always something quirky to learn. Just over the weekend, my sister and I took a wreath making workshop in a giant rooftop wigwam! 

And specialist venue Drink Shop Do just around the corner of Kings Cross is perfect for this type of things - their workshops can vary from learning the dance routine to Beyonce's Who run the world? Girls! music video, or creating Lionel Richie rich-tea biscuits. All with good music and yummy cocktails. Drink Shop Do make taking workshops super cool, but no doubt there's tons of workshops running in your local area too.

This one's a given but as I've said many times before, I don't think people realize you need to travel to the far ends of the world and learn about ancient civilisations to broaden your mind in terms of travel. Sometimes just jumping in your car and driving to the next town over can do so much - you could learn the history of the town and discover new museums and attractions or you could find new places to eat and explore new streets. At the very least, getting out of your old town and just exploring somewhere new for a day could be an instant way to become more inspired or cultured.

Do you take time out every day to broaden your mind? If so, how? Let me know!

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  1. I plan to travel more next year. Great post.

    1. Good idea, where do you plan to go? x

  2. I love travelling all around the World. Travel really broadens the mind, and makes you more accepting of people and cultures.

    1. Definitely! I'm heading to Mexico next year and can't wait to learn more about the culture over there x


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