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Monday, 23 November 2015


It's that time of year again. I know it's freezing cold outside and the idea of wearing anything less then at least five layers on a day-to-day basis is horrifying, and yes, the single thought of summer music festivals is the last thing on your mind but if you actually want to go to a decent festival next summer then now's the time to start planning.

Now is the time when all the cheapest pre-sale tickets are released (something I've ALWAYS missed out on in previous years) and the time when most people buy tickets regardless of the fact that they have no idea what the line up may be. 

Could this be because music is no longer a staple when it comes to festivals? These days it seems the location, the atmosphere and who's there with you is just as - if not more - important than the music.

Which is why I've put together this mini guide of the best offbeat festivals you simply need to look at visiting or attending next year. Sure, the music is good, but overall these festivals have a lot more to offer...

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | Travel | 5 of the best immserive festivals in the UK next year; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Online; Travel; Music festival; immersive music festivals; Festival Number 6
Festival Number 6 at Portmeirion
Lost Village is a festival that was actually recommended by my cousin and seeing his awesome photos last year has tempted me. Taking place in abandoned woodland, it takes on the theme of a rustic, magical like land, with fairy lights, wandering characters in costume and oddball experiences. You're encouraged to bring your 'tribe' and dress to the occasion for this surreal experience. There are a number of different stages and sets, all found by exploring the forest which is part of the experience on it's own.
Best part | Despite being an Instagrammers heaven, the festival only launched last year, meaning it's still relatively unheard of. You'll definitely feel in the know when attending.

Secret Garden Party isn't so much secret anymore, but it still has that whimsical different world feel to it, making it one of the quirkiest in the UK. It's bright, bold and colourful but I've heard this is a festival that really thrives on good weather with what looks like a boat stage and lots of lake inspired activities. It's a festival that doesn't rely on the music - there's plenty of secret events to be found if you explore and next years theme is The Gardeners Guide to the Galaxy. Oh and it must be fun if my faves Regression Sessions were there this year...
Best part | The glamping options will make you feel even more on point with the festival and the glamping sites have their own community feel so you won't feel like you're missing out on anything. With bell tents, yurts and tipis, there's also on site hot tubs, saunas and restaurants (according to 2015's festival options - the options for next year haven't been announced yet so bear that in mind!) if you choose to splash your cash and go for the boutique camping option - a worthy choice considering it p*ssed down constantly at last years festival...

Said to be one for the foodies, Wilderness festival is again family friendly with plenty to do for kids, couples or even just those there for the food. With morning meditation sessions, sock wrestling championships or even roasting marsh mellows over a campfire, there's something for everyone. The music is always varied with both big names (Bjork and Sam Smith have both headlined in previous years) and musicians you may have not even heard of, and there's plenty of free talks and debates if you want to, y'know, feel cultured and learn whilst you're there.
Best part | There's a champagne tent. Champagne at a music festival! Need I say more?

Boomtown you've probably heard of and is probably quite different from the other festivals I've mentioned here. Again, it's quite an immersive experience where you're encouraged to just fully give yourself over to the festival. Boomtown, as you can guess, takes on a movie theme. A custom built city is constructed of various sets, for example next year there is a district called Mayfair Avenue, described as 'a playground for the wealthy'. It's perfect for if you want to seriously dress up and try a bit of role play - this is not a festival for morph body suits fancy dress...
Best part | You'll feel like your starring in your own movie - is there anything better then that? And if you get bored of one set, you can wander into another within minutes...

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | Travel | 5 of the best immserive festivals in the UK next year; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Online; Travel; Music festival; immersive music festivals; Festival Number 6
Festival Number 6 at Portmeirion
Based in a picturesque village in Wales, Festival Number 6 offers a diverse line up in a fairy tale setting, with the sleeping arrangements to match (you can glamp here or even sleep in a castle). The setting looks like a sleepy seaside town but is anything but - it's vibrant, colourful and electric. It's also perhaps for a more sophisticated but still rather fun crowd - you won't find raves here with kids drunk out of their heads and it's almost like a more grown up version of these earlier music festivals where you can still have fun but don't have to rely on drink or drugs to really experience the out of this world feeling that often comes bespoke with this kind of festival.  It's family friendly, but there's plenty to do to escape the screaming kids (and plenty of activities just for kids too for that matter). This certainly isn't just a music festival with art, comedy, cinema and more on offer - you'll never run out of things to do...
Best part | There's so much variety. A floating dance floor, a swing band who often get the audience up and dancing and even an on-site spa which must be well needed at points throughout the festival...

Did I mention that tickets for a lot of these music festivals are perfect for Christmas presents? You could put together a mini travel/camping accessories kit along with the tickets!

Are you planning to attend any music festivals next summer? If so - which ones? Let me know with a comment!

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  1. I've already got tickets for Glastonbury and I always do Reading, Download and Slamdunk. I am going to hit two outside the UK Rock Am Ring in Germany and Warped Tour in America, and i'm planning to do 2000 Trees as well which is quite a small festival. As you can tell i'm a bit of a festival addict! x

    1. Whoa you're sorted! I love Slamdunk and have been for the past few years - have you ever been to Hit The Deck? 2000 Trees is an alternative one that I quite fancy and of course I've always wanted to do Glastonbury, Reading and Download but they're the bigger ones I'm working up to haha x


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