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Friday, 13 November 2015


After reading this great post from From Roses, I felt inspired to do my own. I think setting yourself personal goals for a new year is always a good idea and is much different then new years resolutions. Personal goals are more laid back, long term goals, as opposed to 'I must lose this amount of weight per month' or 'I have to save at least 25% from each pay check every single month'.

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I think setting yourself goals actually works too because you're the one that decides which ones are most important to fulfil and if say there's a big goal you're desperate to complete and you don't, you can end up feeling quite disappointed. Although I obviously wouldn't recommend putting so much pressure on yourself, what I'm generally trying to say is that you'll probably have more motivation to complete these types of goals.

So I don't actually have any 'goals' as such from this year to reflect on, but if I look back to my annual 'My 2014' post I can see that I have managed to bag myself two out of three things I wanted to get in 2015 and that is not only a job related to my degree but in actual fact my dream job, and my own car. Even if I can't drive it 'officially' just yet, with a license, but I do get a lot of use out of it and drive it pretty much everyday (with someone in the car with me obvs, so legally).

I haven't got a rockstar boyfriend STILL *sob* but I'm getting there, don't worry. I dated a few 'rock stars' (okay dudes from local bands, the same thing though, right?!) throughout the year though. That makes me sound like a hussy. I'm not.

Reflecting back on 2015 seems rather bittersweet because although from the outside it looks like I've got my shit together with my own car, my dream job and a smashing social life, on the other hand, it's all entirely weird and, well, not so important anymore now what Mamaw isn't around. All these things were the kind of things she wanted for me - well, we both wanted, really - and I can't help but thinking it's the type of things I should have focused on more whilst she was still alive so that I could have made her proud.

I suppose in some odd way, I still want to make her proud, which is why I've really been getting my head down and sorting my life out I guess. 

So. My goals for 2016.

I guess this is a given any year as everyone loves to travel, but I think I'm already on track for next year. With travelling around Mexico in February and camping at a music in May, I'm already feeling confident. Travelling around Mexico will be my first time travelling properly, and I'm also hoping to get in a few weeks away next year too, even if just with work.

Hopefully this will happen before Christmas but if not I'm feeling pretty confident it'll happen in the next year. I can drive. Just, y'know, not legally. Just need that bit of paper to make it all official and ting. Innit.

Generally I want a bit of a re-brand and I'm considering moving over to Wordpress (sorry blogger) but I also want to add more enriching content. I definitely need more fashion and travel posts as lately all I've been blogging about are lifestyle posts.

Well, I need at least one easy goal in there, don't I?!

I'm looking at you Bex and Lisa. We all live within, what, half an hour of each other (and you've moved even closer now Lisa, you've even proclaimed MY local as your own...) so there's really no excuse.

And by that *that* project I mean interview hot band guys for a living. For music purposes. Obviously. Basically I want to set up a YouTube channel interviewing local bands to help them get their name out there a bit more. I just need a camera and a bit more practice and I'm all set.

This was a new years resolution from January and I think I've succeeded. It just refers to looking after myself more - eating more healthy but treating myself to a chocolate bar when I need it. enjoying my own company and accepting that nights in being lazy are okay (lol jokes, I spend whole weekends having Netflix marathons in bed already) and just generally putting myself first and doing things for me.

So there you have it, a few goals for next yearish/from now onwards. Nothing fancy, but all incredibly doable.

What do you think? Do you set yourself any similar goals each year? Let me know with a comment!

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