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Sunday, 18 October 2015


Sundays in my house - or at least for me, anyway - are for kicking back and relaxing. As a general rule of thumb, I have a varied list for how I like to spend my Sunday.

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Sundays are for..

- Under absolutely no circumstances getting up before noon. Okay sure, I can leave my bed to shower/grab breakfast etc but after that I have to spend the morning beneath the duvet catching up on TV and such.
- Some Sundays, a full duvet day is on order.
- Catching up on TV, lately it's been New Girl, The Returned and American Horror Story.
- Watching all those feel good films that don't deserve too much thinking power - the kind that even allow you to drift in and out of naps whilst watching if you so wish. Today it's been About Time.
- Catching up on blogging with a causal scroll through Bloglovin'.
- Just Netflix or NowTV in general.
- Laughing my arse off at It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Charlie's a babe.
- Planning for my week ahead - projects that need doing at work, blog posts that need typing up etc.
- Making birthday plans. When your birthday is two days before Christmas, you have to plan early before people are too skint or too busy.
- Stuffing my face with Dad's classic roast dinner. After eating all the chicken skin off course. Yummy.
- Relishing in the fact that I'm not hungover (for once) and that I don't have kids to get up for. Oh the sweet sound of peace and quiet on a Sunday morning that isn't spent puking up all of last nights alcohol..
- Using Pinterest to browse lunch ideas, makeup ideas and hairdo ideas.
- Telling myself I'm going to use my spare time to have a proper work out...and then not.
- But still managing to do about half hour of Yoga before bed and before Monday morning.
- Having a long relaxing jacuzzi bath before bed, complete with lush bath bombs and some candles burning.

And honestly? Doing barely anything else. Which is just how I like it.

How do you like to spend your Sundays? Let me know with a comment!

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  1. Duvet days on Sunday's are definitely my favourite too, I'm so glad I'm not the only one to do a majority of all the above.

    x x x x

    1. Have to agree with you there, a duvet day is definitely well deserved after a week of working hard! xx


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