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Monday, 5 October 2015


On my first day at my new job, I sat down at my own desk (my first ever own desk! Exciting!) and immediately tried to think of ways to make it my own. (Can you tell I'm really enjoying my job with all these work themed posts lately?!

It might sound stupid, but never having had my own desk before left me stumped in terms of what I thought I'd need on my desk. Obviously, I knew I needed the basic things like stationary, paper, notebooks etc but as I've become more and more settled into my new job, I've slowly began to add things to my little area to make it more personal.

These are, what I feel, the necessities to making a desk or work area really yours.

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Week planners are always beneficial...
Though I have yet to have a bad day, I know how important it is to have a nice photograph of those you love with you. Even when you're having a tough day, it can remind you that they're proud of you and you're doing this job to make them proud, that in most cases when the day is over you can go home and see them.

Such a necessity for when I'm tired or need a boost in the afternoon to get me through the rest of the day. I have a cute little emergency four pack in one of my drawers, ready and waiting for when I need them. 

I try to keep healthy snacks in my desk like breakfast bars etc but it doesn't hurt to have some chocolate or something cheeky like that hidden away for when you really need it. I'd also suggest things like tea bags and hot chocolate sachets for when those winter days really start rolling in...and, if you're like me and you're office is practically in the middle of nowhere and you can't yet drive, a spare lunch or something you can microwave is probably useful too, like a pot noodle or something in case you ever forget your lunch like I almost did last week.

Although I don't condone using your phone at work, having a spare phone charger lying about is always really beneficial in case of an emergency, like if you break down on the way home from work. I understand you can't predict this so would have to charge your phone in advance anyway, BUT, regardless of whether or not we think we'd need it, if our phone battery is running low and we have a charger to hand, we'll all still charge it at work, amiright?

Haha, just kidding. But I do have a little 'emergency' kit which would probably contain the same things as a morning-after-the-night-before-kit. It's just handbag stuff really - a body spray, chewing gum, hand/face wipes, dry shampoo etc. Just stuff that would come in useful in case I've had a stressful day and want to spruce up a bit, or I'm running late and don't have time to style my hair at home etc. Also, actual sort-of emergency items are really beneficial here too, like pain killers or plasters.

Technically this counts as stationary, which comes as a given, but highlighters are always necessary. The brighter the better.

Just for those days where the thought of going out for lunch is just too much. The office is cosy and warm, it saves time walking to the fridge to get your lunch rather then driving out somewhere and the thought of kicking back with a sandwich, a cuppa and a good book (albeit at your desk) is sometimes just what you need.

Depending on the feel of your workplace, you might be expected to wear smart shoes/heels. In my job, we sometimes have to go out and meet clients, so it's useful to have a pair of comfortable flats back at my desk for when I return. I can't ever imagine why I'd need fluffy socks but hey, what if one day it's peeing down with rain and I'm in flat shoes and they get ruined running from the car to the office? BAM. An excuse to wear fluffy socks. Which brings me to....

Like your mum always said, you should always keep one to hand. ALWAYS.

So there you have it. Will I even use half this stuff or miss it if I didn't have it? Probably not. But at least I know I'm prepared, my desk is fully stocked and that it looks damn pretty in the meantime...

Can you think of anything else I should have lying around in my desk - any must-have items? Let me know with a comment!

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