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Monday, 26 October 2015


It's officially six days to Halloween! Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year and I love everything about it - the scary movies, dressing up, the scare attractions..I seriously cannot wait until this Saturday. Lets face it though - if you don't have Halloween plans by now then you'll probably be tucked up at home with some good Halloween movies (not that I can blame you). But that doesn't mean you can't read about some of the best scare attractions around the world in the meantime or plan to visit them next year...

The story goes that this island became the home of creepy toy dolls when caretaker, Don Julian Santana, found a doll floating in the surrounding waters that a girl had drowned in previously. He hung the doll from a tree to show respect, and continued to do this with more and more dolls until he drowned himself in the same waters 50 years later. The island is now a popular tourist attraction as visitors travel from all over to witness the creepy dolls hanging in the trees.

Known as one of the most famously haunted places in the US, Waverly Hills Sanatorium has often appeared in paranormal media, such as Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted. Inside, room 502 is perhaps the most famously haunted, legend stating that a nurse hung herself with a light bulb wire outside of the room upon discovering she was pregnant by the owner of the sanatorium and that she had also contracted tuberculosis. It's also well known for its 'death tunnel' which was used to remove bodies discreetly from the building without other patients seeing. Visitors can book themselves onto tours of the buildings and paranormal investigations are also offered there. Plans are also being developed to turn it into a four star hotel come scare attraction.

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How scary is this?! Just further proof of the attention to detail at The 13th Gate

On the other end of the spectrum, this scare attraction may not actually be haunted but it's certainly just as scary. It contains 13 realms, ranging from a real life snake infested swamp, claustrophobic cellars and hidden subterranean passages. With out of this world attention to detail, the set design and make up effects often leave visitors unsure of whether what they're experiencing is even real or not. Not for the faint hearted, the haunt employs a year-round movie industry construction crew during off-season to help prepare for the Halloween season. It's perfect for anyone who loves a real good scare.

DEFINITELY not for the faint haunted, this creepy scare attraction is less haunted house and more torture chamber...and what's more, people seem to like it with over 24,000 people on the waiting list to endure the experience that can last up to eight hours. Brave hearts can suffer anything from being duct taped over their eyes and mouths or even being shoved into a clothes dryer. This manor - among many advertised along the lines as extreme attractions - features actors that can touch and shove you, shove things into your mouth. Other similar attractions force visitors to be gagged and bound, sometimes partially clothed. It's certainly not a walk in the park but I suppose I can imagine how bad ass someone must feel managing to survive an ordeal like this...

Closer to home, and perhaps a more suitable combination of a London Dungeons style scare attraction and extreme attractions - is probably more ideal for someone who wants a good (and funny) scare without going too far. Much like The 13th Gate, visitors make their way through different scenes and settings with amazing attention to detail (I went last year and entered a haunted woods complete with twinkling stars in the ceiling, a bridge over an actual water feature/mini river and a caravan we had to climb through) all whilst getting jumped out on and in general very scared. At one point I got chased around hay bales with a fake chainsaw and the sound itself freaked me the f*ck out - seriously, I bent down and covered my hands over my ears as this crazy man waved the chainsaw at my head. Looking back, it seems silly to be scared of something so trivial but at the time it was damn scary. However, this was the perfect amount of scare for me and I love horror movies so I think I'm quite brave when it comes to these kind of attractions.

So no matter what your dream plans are at Halloween - to visit an actual historic haunted location, to be borderline tortured in the US or simply a pretty scary - and beyond fun - mix between the two, these five are some of the best and most varied around the world.

Of course there are a lot more on offer, with new scare attractions popping up everywhere, each determined to be as scary as the last. But this is just a small pick of many.

Would you ever attempt any of these attractions? Let me know!

I love being scared but I think the attractions that are borderline torture may be just a TAD too much for me...

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  1. This sound terrifying especially the manor in California. I love scary things but I am super jumpy so these would be my idea of hell. x

    1. Awww bless you see I love stuff like this! Apart from the one in California that is haha x

  2. I'm not good with things that make me jump so honestly I'm not excited by any of these! Although I have always wanted to go to America over Halloween as they always seem to make a big deal of it :)

    1. I'd love to visit America over Halloween too, I love how they go so over the top, it's amazing x


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