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Tuesday, 20 October 2015


On Friday, my sister and I finally headed down to Stylist Live, having booked tickets months ago. We were both really excited as the event itself was right up our street - inspiring talks from top people in the media, food and fashion industry, paired with some stands from big brands and the excuse to get pampered. What was not to love?

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Why oh why did I wear a Peplum top that made me look preggers...
We arrived bright an early on Friday morning and found ourselves immediately greeted by Edith Bowman and being handed a voucher for a free glass of bubbly - the perfect way to start the day. Our first talk was with Pixiwoo, the famous beauty vlogger duo.

Like with most talks throughout the day, I walked in feeling like the talk would certainly be interesting but not really knowing what I'd take away from it. This talk in particular was really interesting and included a live tutorial on stage, showing us how to perfect the smokey eyed look. This was perfect for me because I love this look but never do it because every time I try to, I look like I've been punched in the face. Instead we were shown how to use more neutral colours - browns and bronzers etc - to build it up for a more classic look, and then, if we wanted to make it a little more edgy, just add the tiniest smidge of a darker colour. 

I have to admit, this is something I'll be trying myself when I get the chance. 

One of my favourite talks throughout the day was with Lorraine Pascale who was beyond inspiring when she gave a talk about finding your passion in life. In hindsight, I was really looking forward to this even though I'm luckily enough to have always known my passion in life (and that's been writing, obviously, whether that's meant blogging, writing novels, interviewing hot band members, writing for my job etc...) and she didn't disappoint. She was so down to earth and lovely and just generally told us that it's more then okay to change career paths if you're miserable - and gave us some advice on the best way to do it.

The how to start a supper club talk with Alice Levine and Laura Jackson was fun - the pair were very witty and informative in the intimate talk and I loved it. Although I have no plans whatsoever to start my own supper club (I can barely cook for myself, let alone others), my sister loved it and it's definitely made me want to attend (definitely attend and not host) a supper club in future. Preferably theirs. Their dishes looked super yummy.

Finally, me and my sister split up for the last talks and I headed along to watch Anna Hart's talk on how to become a travel writer. Okay, so I'm technically already a travel writer, but I'd like to become a travel writer for my blog too so off course this was super helpful. I left feeling like I was confident enough to pitch ideas to magazines or companies (or even at work) and off course I left feeling inspired too.

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Events | Friday @ Stylist Live; Stylist Live; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Online
A delicious cocktail - one of the yummiest I've ever had...
Throughout the talks we had a mooch around different stalls - I bought a new book and some tea (that's me all over really) and I just had to try some of the yummy cocktails I'd seen about. And then when I got out of the last talk before my sister, I went on to 'try' another. Okay it was the same one. But it was really yummy...

All in all it was a really fun day, and the fashion show we saw had some fab stylish pieces too - all from the high street which I loved. It meant they were affordable and that we could actually re-create the looks myself if we wanted.

By the time we got home we'd been out for over 12 hours so we were exhausted and then my phone charger broke too, meaning I managed to save barely any photos from the day to show you all (I tend to add photos automatically to my snapchat and then save the ones I want to use later on) but never mind. 

It was an event that without a doubt left us both feeling inspired and next year we're looking into doing the whole weekend instead of just one day.

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  1. Can you please not call yourself a writer when you don't know the difference between "of course" and "off course". You don't know when to use me or I either. Illiterate fool.

  2. Umm it's a's supposed to be informal, I even use text talk on my blog shoot me. Obviously it would be different if I was writing for a publication or for my job. But as it's my blog..I'll write how I like thank you :)


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